Friday, 10 July 2009

Fire drill in hell.

I was at a large supermarket today – suddenly the fire alarm rang. The customers left their trolleys laden with goods just where they were standing and walked outside the building, followed by the supermarket’s staff. The customers were led to one corner of the car park whilst the staff gathered at another corner and a roll call was taken. We waited for about half an hour until the all clear was given. The staff entered the building first in single file; I counted about 200 or so.

At that point a thought occurred to me; I don’t know why – perhaps it was prompted by the staff’s red uniforms. I thought: do they have fire alarm drills in hell? Do the devils gather at one corner outside hell whilst the inmates gather somewhere else? Can the inmates seize an opportunity to escape?

On second thoughts: hell and the devil are no laughing matter. They exist all right and we should be on our guard when the devil tries to lead us astray.

“ … and lead us not into temptation, ”


  1. I don't think that anyone will gather together in Hell. I read somewhere that many people think Satan is the ruler of Hell, but he's not because God is. Satan Himself along with the Antichrist, False prophet, and demons will be cast into the lake of fire where it says their torment will rise forever and ever. So id say everyone in Hell is in their own little torment forever separated from God. Gives me goosebumps just thinking about it.



God bless you.

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