Thursday, 13 August 2009

Think On.

OK … let’s get ready for a biology lesson.

I have discovered that the human brain is not there for the sole purpose of keeping our ears apart. It has a specific purpose all or its own.

Primarily, it is there to make us think – I know it has other functions too, so hands down all those who were ready to correct me.

Where was I? Oh yes … the brain is there to make us think. Yet sadly many people under-use that particular function.

They make decisions based on instincts, feelings, opinions garnered from dubious sources such as magazines or flaky friends, or even as a reflex to the rumblings of their stomachs.

Decisions based on thinking and considering various view points and pros and cons are avoided because they involve … thinking. One’s brain hurts too much for such exercise.

Try visiting internet discussion forums and see how often people ask questions or seek advice to such basic issues. It makes you wonder how much thinking went into the process of considering the matter in the first place.

Consider stories in the news and you'll discover many examples of half-baked ideas and ill-thought-out decisions.

So … where is all this leading to? You might well ask.

Well … it is leading nowhere, unless we think about it, and resolve to use our brain more effectively.

Not that I am accusing you dear readers … no … it’s the others you know.

P.S. – If you think about it for a moment, I bet you can recognize an individual or two whose actions are not based on the same thinking process that you or I would use.

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