Monday, 27 February 2012

Liebster? Moi? Mais non bien sure !!!

Alors mes amis ... Merci beaucoup ... Quel grand honneur pour moi ...

My friend Karinnan has honored me with a Liebster Award. I am really grateful and humbled at the same time that I should be considered worthy of yet another Award in such a short time.

In the last few months I have been Awarded the Versatile Award, the Stylish Award, and now this Liebster Award.  

Mon ego can take it no longer mes chers amis ... it is for me un petit too much for my palpitating heart ... it is a ... a ... comment-on dit? ... a mix of excitement and happiness ... with not too little a tincture of humility which is all so necessary when accepting Awards ... I know ... I have seen it on the television many times ...

When artistes much more famous than humble moi ... they receive their Awards and their accolades ... they often portray un mix de surprise avec beaucoup de false humilite. They run at the podium ... they kiss the person giving the Award ... no matter how ugly he may be ... they wave at the adoring crowd with the award in their hand ... and then they show surprise, happiness, excitement and tears ... oh oui ... plenty of tears ... you must have the tears because it is good for the television n'est ce pas?

So ... mes chers Blogging amis ... I too stumble slowly to the podium, (why is it always so far away?) ... moi aussi je vous presente my surprise ... my joie et happiness ... and my humilite by accepting this beautiful Award which will be placed proudly alongside the others in my collection.

And I gratefully thank my friend Karinann for nominating me ... 

I am also so pleased that this is the first French Award that I have received ... I am a great lover of France and ...

Excuse me ...

Ehmmm ... I have been told that Liebster is not French at all.

It is a German word meaning sweetheart, beloved person, darling, dear, beloved, liked very much, affectionate, loving, favorite, preferred above others, liked or loved above others.

NOTE: Victor suddenly goes red in the face and faints. We are sorry to interrupt this Award Ceremony. Normal service will be resumed, in English, soon.


  1. Victor,

    At least you didn't read 'Liebster' as 'Lobster'. The Lobster Awards? Just think what fun you could have had accepting that one!

    A wonderful acceptance speech. When things get too embarrassing, a good faint always comes in handy. I do it all the time!


  2. You are welcome, Victor. After that acceptance speech what more can I say? :)

  3. Thank you Sue and Karinann.

    I am really honored to be considered for this Award.

    God bless you Sue and Karinann and your families too.



God bless you.

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