Thursday, 1 March 2012

Hungry for Books

Sue Elvis has nominated me for this meme which is doing the rounds at the moment. The idea is to mention books which you have read and which you recommend to other Bloggers.

Go along to Sue Elvis and see what she said about my books HERE.

Oh …

Don’t forget to come back to my Blog otherwise you’ll miss what I have to say … This is going to be so good folks that I can’t wait to read it myself !!!

Anyway … as I was saying …

This meme requires me to tell you about books which I have read and to recommend them to you.

Well, as it happens, it is very difficult for me to recommend books to you to read because, to be quite honest, I don’t read very much myself. I just don’t have the temperament and patience to read books.

I have written and published seven books so far and I’ve yet to read any of them. Every now and then I sneak a peek at the last pages of my books to find out how the story ends.

To explain how difficult it is for me to read, the other day for example, I was reading in bed a medical book about insomnia and I fell asleep.

Having said this, I must confess that books have played a great part in my life and have influenced my up-bringing.

I remember as a child I was given as a gift the whole set of the Encyclopaedia Britannica. And what a treasure those volumes were to me. They were just the right height for me to stand on them and reach the cookies jar on the top shelf.

As I grew up I got interested in entomology – the study of insects. A favourite book at the time was “The Life Cycle of the Common Flea” by Ivan Itch.

But I soon gave up that interest when I started travelling by train in Southern Europe. A very useful booklet at the time which I always carried with me was the local Railway Timetable. It came in very handy for swatting flies on the hot trains, and as a fan to cool myself.

Last year when Aunt Gertrude visited us from Australia she brought me a book as a present entitled “How to make your own boomerang”. Now what’s the point of that I ask you? As if I’d be making a boomerang by any chance! Every time I threw the book away it came back to me and hit me on the head.

To be serious for a moment ... I know that I should consider and recommend books for you to read, (apart from mine that is) … 

Well, how about Prison to Praise by Merlin Carothers.

An inspirational book that may well change your life. It teaches us to Praise the Lord at all times no matter how bad the situation happening to us or to those around us at the time. Here’s a LINK.

My second recommendation is I am with you by Father John Woolley. This book consists of words of hope and encouragement from Our Lord, received by Father John through the Holy Spirit whilst praying.

If you open the book at random it’s amazing how often Our Lord is speaking to you personally and responding to your circumstances at the time of reading. Here’s a LINK.

My third recommendation was going to be the Oxford English Dictionary. But on reflection I doubt you’ll like it. The author changes the subject every few sentences.

God bless.


  1. Great take on this book meme, Victor! You can make anything funny :)

    Thanks for the book recommendations too. These sound really good!

  2. wow..congrats on having so many books published! I am happy to have a published author as a blooging friend!!
    I am now reading Uncles toms much food for thought..

  3. Victor,

    Your humour is amazing! You have stamped your own special mark on this meme. And thank you for the link!

    I have just followed the link for your first favourite. It looks like an intriguing book.

    The second book I have! My sister-in-law, who lives in Birmingham, sent me a copy a few years ago. Yes, a real treasure. I don't know if there is any connection between Birmingham and the book. Why did I mention where she lives?

    And I need a new copy of your third favourite. Our dictionary is so old. It is completely out of date because so many new words have been invented since I bought it. Do you ever open your dictionary at random and read some entries and learn a few new words? Somehow I can see you doing this!

    God bless!

  4. Hi everyone. Thanx for writing in.

    Mary - the two books I've mentioned can really be life-changers. Merlin's book about Praising God at all times, regardless of circumstances, makes good sense. It is one of a series of Praise books. The John Woolley book, I believe, is truly God-inspired.

    Momto8 - I am happy and honored to have you as a Blogging friend too. My books can be downloaded FREE from the side-bar link on my Blog. Please let me know what you think when you've read them. Not as good as Uncle Tom's Cabin though.

    Sue - Yes, the first book by Merlin Carothers is amazing, especially when you read what happened to him and others through Praise. I have found the John Woolley book very helpful in often difficult times. Actually I DID use to open dictionaries at random as you suggest. I recently bought four copies of the same dictionary - all the same size you know. My table had a wobbly leg so I put a copy of the dictionary under each leg. The table is now much higher and still wobbly. I must buy a book about carpentry next.

    God bless.



God bless you.

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