Thursday, 14 June 2012

The importance of being considerate

To be quite earnest, it’s quite important to be considerate too. It helps oil the wheels as it were and makes life run smoothly for you and everyone else don’t you think?

Earnestly speaking, I consider myself quite a considerate type of person. But unfortunately this doesn’t always work out as intended.

The other day for instance I saw an elderly lady in the street; she must have been about seventy or so, hobbling from foot to foot on the edge of the sidewalk. I waited until the lights indicated it was safe to cross then I held her gently by the arm and said, “Don’t worry madam; we’ll soon cross over safely to the other side!”

She tottered alongside me looking behind her all the time until we reached safely the other side as the traffic lights changed again. I took off my hat; you know the one, the cowboy hat with a feather, as a sign of respect and smiled politely.

She then hit me on the head with her umbrella.

I was about to say something when she said, “You made me miss my bus, you idiot!”

“I’m sorry madam” I said, replacing my hat and being thankful it was off my head when the umbrella landed, “I saw you hopping from foot to foot hesitantly …”

“That’s because I want to go to the toilet” she hollered, “I’ve a good mind to pee in your stupid hat!”

I ran away before she did.

This however did not stop me being considerate by nature.

One night I noticed that one of the floorboards in our bedroom, under the carpet, was a bit loose. It made a distinct sound when you stepped on it.

Being very considerate I hammered it in the dark so as not to wake up my wife.

Unfortunately, in the darkness I hammered nails through my shoes lying there by the bed and I pinned them to the floor board.

Next morning when I put my shoes on I couldn’t move one inch. I fell flat on my face damaging my cowboy hat.

I thought I had put on weight in my sleep during the night and the extra calories all fell down to my feet!

That very night I had dreamt I was in a marshmallow factory. I woke up eating the pillow.

I remember another occasion where my considerate nature conspired to work against me. We were on holiday and we went out on an organized boat trip to swim with dolphins. It’s something which, for some reason, most people love to do.

The organizers of the trip suggested we go in the sea in teams of six for safety reasons. They wanted to keep an eye on us with the dolphins and we took turns in little groups to swim for a while, and then come out to allow others to go in the sea.

Being considerate as you know, I decided to be one of the last to go in. I stood by the side of the small boat watching everyone else enjoy themselves with the cackling dolphins and caressing them as they got nearer. It was really fun watching those lovely creatures swim around and every so often jump out of the sea.

When it was my turn I went to the communal changing room and put on my tartan swimming costume and took off my cowboy hat.

The other swimmers in my group were already changed in their costumes in seconds and in the water. Unlike me who neatly folded my clothes in an orderly fashion and rested my hat on top.

When it was my turn to enter the water the other people had had enough and got back into the boat.

Just as I entered the water, immediately, the dolphins saw me and they all just swam away!

The head dolphin must have said, “We’re not swimming with him. He looks weird!” And the others followed him deep into the sea leaving me splashing about minus a hat.

It didn’t do my self-esteem any good being avoided by dolphins. And they say they are intelligent creatures too!

Well I very much doubt that! At least I’m not stupid enough to get entangled in fishing nets and get mistaken for a tuna fish.

Being considerate is a great disadvantage in life.


  1. I tried this once, but it didn't work. I pushed and shoved but no-one would make room for me to show how considerate I am. People just don't seem to share our good manners, do they, Victor?

    And, dolphins! They're the rudest of all! One of my earliest memories is of being soaked to the skin by dolphins at Sydney zoo, when I was about four. I was crying buckets - and they all just grinned back at me!

    It's a sad world when even the animals have no respect, isn't it?!

    God bless, Victor:-)

  2. It must have been terrible Vicky at the age of four being soaked by stupid dolphins. Yes it is a sad world!

    Remember Flipper? He was Australian I believe. As well as Skippy!

    God bless.

  3. Such a gentleman, Victor! I feel those "dolphins" swimming around right now after reading this (grin)!

    Flipper was Austalian? And here I thought he was either Delphinidae or Platanistoid...

  4. Australian. Speling has allways ben tuff for me.

  5. I'm glad this made you smile Mary.

    I find it's difficult being considerate in an inconsiderate world.

    I believe Flipper was a children's TV program from Australia with a dolphin. Did you have that in the USA?

    God bless.

  6. Actually, I don't really remember watching Flipper or Skippy, Victor. The first time around, I was too young and, when they revived the series, I was too old:-(

    Victor, can you tell Mary to stop showing off with all these long words? She's admitted to being a terrible speller - do you think she's making up words as she goes along?

    BTW, no-one here can spell Ostrayliun, either - we just call it Oz.

    God bless, Victor:-)

  7. Yes, we had Flipper here too. What does Vicky mean by showing off? I simply copied some of those ridiculous verification words :) Or were they photography words?
    Oops,I better shutter up.

  8. Hey, Mary, I've just scrolled back through Victor's posts and found some cheeky comments from you! Very serious photographers - like what I am - are very sensitive to light statements.

  9. love how your humor makes a serious point!!

  10. Hello Vicky, Mary and Annmarie,

    It's great to see you here again developing a nice discussion and focussing on the issues.

    This is more than a point and click comment box.

    God bless.

  11. Was there a serious point??

  12. It's pointless being serious with me, Vicky!

  13. The story was good but the comments were even better!

  14. I agree Sue,

    That's why I like interactive comments here. Thank you for writing in.

    God bless.



God bless you.

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