Friday, 13 July 2012

Bad things happen to me again

Why do bad things keep happening to me?

I bought one of those electronic measuring tape type machines. It's a small box which you place near the wall and it sends an invisible beam to the opposite wall which somehow measures the distance; and then you can read the distance between the two walls on the little display screen.


I measured one of our rooms so that we can fit a new carpet.

I discovered the room is three kilometres long and four centimetres wide. Now the shop tells me they don't do carpets in those measurements. Wrong colors too!


  1. Three kilometres long and four centimetres wide? You wouldn't be a snake, would you??

    Hey guys, I've finally discovered Victor's secret identity!!!!!!

    Hehe! Just kidding!


    Sorry, I crack me up....

    God bless, Victor:-)

    PS. Blogger only logs me out when we're arguing. It doesn't seem to mind when we're playing nicely.

  2. It's not the room measurements that annoy me Vicky. It's that when I went to the carpet shop they did not have carpets three kilometres long in one piece. And they said they don't make them four centimetres wide either. They suggested I buy a "sufficient length" and cut the carpet into strips. It seems a lot of hard work to me.

    And then they didn't have the right color carpet.

    I was annoyed at their amusement that my room was three kilometres long and they wouldn't believe me. When I told them it was four centimetres wide they just laughed.

    I think shop assistants are very rude these days.

    God bless.

  3. But, I don't know why you would want carpet, Victor. Wouldn't a slippery, slidey floor be more comfortable?


  4. I don't particularly want a new carpet; but it's been suggested we should have one !!!

    I looked at the house floor plans and there's nowhere on the plan measurements a room measuring three kilometres long. In fact it seems this room is longer that the whole house. How can this be possible?

    Perhaps the architect drew the plan all wrong. The machine I bought confirms the room is three kilometres long and four centimetres wide.



God bless you.

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