Thursday, 5 December 2013

What did she know?

It’s amazing how sometimes a chance remark or a word spoken in jest can lead one to think something anew or with a fresh point of view.

Father Ignatius was helping with the dismantling of the Nativity scene in church and putting away the various statues safely for use the following Christmas. One of the helpers lifted the statue of the Virgin Mary and remarked: “Look at her face. She looks sad. It’s as if she knew what was to happen to Jesus when He grew up.”

“She’s probably tired after giving birth,” replied another helper.

“No … she looks sad, not tired. Do you think she knew that Jesus would be crucified Father?”

Father Ignatius sat down on a nearby chair.

“I think we need a rest, at least I know I do …” he said.

The other helpers stopped for a while.

“It’s a good question you ask …” continued the priest, “many people have argued about the Virgin Mary over the years, and no doubt will continue to do so. Not everyone holds her in such high regards as we do. Some see her as a woman who gave birth to the Son of God, and just that.

“Many doubt her various Apparitions throughout the world.

“As for how much she knew … well that’s another matter.”

“What do you mean Father?”

The priest finished cleaning his glasses and put them on again. It was a trick he had perfected when he wanted some thinking time.

“Let’s consider Mary when the Angel Gabriel announced what is to happen. Did the Angel just tell her about the Birth of Jesus, or did he, or the Holy Spirit perhaps, also tell her of what is to happen after that?

“Was she told that Jesus would grow up to perform many miracles? That His Mission on earth was to redeem us from our sins? That He would be arrested, beaten, tortured, have a crown of thorns put on His head, made to carry His own Cross and then nailed cruelly to it until He died in agony?”

“I’m not sure … the Bible doesn’t say much about this,” said one of his listeners.

“No, the Bible doesn’t …” continued the priest, “it does not record everything. For example, we have a gap in Christ’s life from the age of twelve when He was found in the temple by His parents to the age of thirty or so when He started His Mission on earth.

“The Gospels in particular focus mainly on Christ, as they should, and don’t mention Mary or Joseph very much.”

“Well what do you think Father?” he was asked again.

“What I think is only a personal point of view.

“I doubt that God would have asked her to become the Mother of Jesus without telling her what this entailed.

“I believe the Holy Spirit would have told her what is to happen. We don’t know in how much details … we can only guess at that. And throughout her life, from the moment the Angel Gabriel visited her, she had snippets of confirmation of what is to happen.

“When she visited Elizabeth … we learn that Elizabeth was filled with the Holy Spirit and confirmed ‘you are the most blessed amongst women, and blessed is the child you will bear!’

“When she presented the baby Jesus in the temple, Simeon warned her ‘and sorrow, like a sharp sword, will break your own heart.’

“And when at the age of twelve His parents found Jesus in the temple He said ‘Didn’t you know I had to be in my Father’s house?’ And Mary treasured all these things in her heart.

“Yes … I believe she knew quite a lot what was to happen to Jesus.”

“Wow … no wonder she looks so sad …” exclaimed one of the helpers.

“This leads us to consider something else,” added the priest.

“Imagine you knew every detail that is to happen in your life. Every illness, sad moment and unhappiness that is to happen. And you could not change it. You had to go through it. How would you feel? Would you be able to cope with the fear and agony of knowing what is to happen to you?

“We don’t know how much Mary knew of her future and that of Jesus.

“But Jesus certainly knew what would happen to Him. Every detail from the moment of His arrest to His death. Peter’s denial, Judas’ betrayal, His disciples fleeing in fear. The agony of His torture and Crucifixion.

“Can you imagine how He must have felt as He grew up, as a teenager and young man, knowing that this day was still to come? The horror of it must have been unbearable.

“Yet He went through with it … just for us!”

They were all silent for a few moments as they considered the seriousness of what they’d just heard.


  1. Something to ponder about Victor and very fitting this Holiday Season...
    God bless (here is hoping you are feeling better these days?)

    1. Thank you so much for your kind wishes Noelle. I am getting a little better each day. I've had a number of check-ups at the hospital and they're pleased with my progress.

      Best wishes to you and your family at this Blessed Season.

      God bless you all.

  2. Folks this is the second Victor here and please excuse me for a moment cause I must address our number "ONE" Victor now.

    All kidding aside Victor! You being a simple human like all of U>S (usual sinners) please don't let what I'm about to say set your ego's heart brain cells start burning with Joy but you really are a great down to earth writer.

    When I read some of your stuff and although I've never told YA but some of them were like I was looking at a good old Christ Mass, "I" mean Christmas story.

    Anyway! What I'm also thinking at this moment is only a personal point of view but "Yes" I do believe that Mary knew in her heart of heart quite a lot of what was to happen to Jesus. Don't ask for an explanation cause "IT" would be easier to try to explain how souls, spirits, shadows and/or the images in our mirror work.

    In prayer I've learned that Mother Mary had lot's of reminders and "Yes" again I also believe that she knew quite a lot of what was to happen to Jesus.”

    Please don't go out and tell all the Father Priest how you know about this and remember "IT" is not Gospel but the reason Mary looked so sad was because GOD (Good Old Dad) and not only through His servant Angel Gabriel and by the way, no body should try calling this Angel a liar because as "Jesus" said in so many words and if our body is actually the house of Our Lord, let's just say that "IT" would be like putting our foot into our own mouths and we would just be hated if we did any of that to a body, especially a Heavenly Body. Right?

    As I was about to say, Just try to imagine if you knew every detail that was going to happen in your life. Just kidding Lord, please don't tell "ME", "ME" and "ME" cause our idols wouldn't like that at all now. (lol)

    But Jesus certainly knew what would happen to Him. Every detail from the moment of His arrest to His death. Peter’s denial, Judas’ betrayal, His disciples fleeing in fear. The agony of His torture and Crucifixion was so True.

    That's right Victor but what scripture forgot to tell YA was that MARY KNEW FIRST.

    Do me a favor Victor and please don't tell any "Body" and long story short, because of The LOVE that Mary had for Her First Born Son. Good Old Dad (GOD) told Mary that He would have His Son "Jesus" when He was a teen to wait until He was about 30 years old before He started His Work.

    Listen Victor! Don't tell another soul cause the reason that "IT" was so quiet was because "Jesus" told His Dad that He would wait until He was 30 but He insisted that He pay rent by working as carpenter with His adopted father Joseph. (lol)

    Nothing funny here folks cause at His Cousin's Wedding Mary Knew and had to lay the news on Him softly by telling the workers to do whatever Her Son told them to do.

    Longer story short, His Blessed Mother knew that Her Son was ready and Joseph who was in Heaven also agree. Listen Victor don't tell your readers that "IT" would have been unbearable to see Her Son suffer any more than He had to now and all scholars agree that "Jesus" didn't really know at His Cousins Wedding when He told His Loving Mother in so many words, What do you want from me woman?

    I hear YA! I think YA better stop now Victor!? You Think? Right!!!! :)

    God Bless all His Children

    1. It must have been very painful for Jesus and Mary to know what is to happen.

      God bless.

  3. I don't think I ever gave it any thought as to whether our Blessed Mother knew her son's fate. I suppose she did, or at least part of it. Perhaps she didn't know the details but she probably knew much about it. Would she know about His resurrection?

    1. Hi Manny,

      There's a lot that has not been said in the Bible about Mary and Joseph. Quite rightly, the Gospels focus on Christ and His Mission. I suspect Mary knew about the Resurrection when she was told by the Angel that Jesus would redeem the wolrd.

      God bless you and yours Manny.

  4. Victor - I loved this post, and I think about this all the time. Count me as one that believes Mary knew that her Son would have to suffer for us. Did she know every detail? I don't know. But even if she only knew the ending, I imagine that was hard enough!

    There is a song that gets played quite a bit on the radio in the US this time of year called "Mary Did You Know". And while most of the lyrics focus on the positives of Jesus's life (i.e., walking on water, saving us all, etc), it causes me to think about the suffering too.

    God Bless you. I hope you are feeling better each day.

    1. It's great to see you visiting here again Michael. Thanx. Yes, I'm slowly getting better and recuperating at home. I take short walks out and do my exercises daily.

      I know the song you speak of well. As you say, quite rightly it focusses on the positives of Christ's life. Can you imagine Jesus knowing all the details of His suffering and death? Possibly Mary too.

      God bless you, Michael.



God bless you.

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