Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Rude Nakedness

I think it was Groucho Marx who once said "If you want to have a good laugh stand naked in front of a full length mirror".

This particular quote leads me to think about a truism which we all may have missed up until now.

Beneath it all, no matter what we wear, be it fashionable haute couture from the most expensive and famous designers, or simply a T shirt and jeans, we are all naked. This scandalous rude nakedness has gone unnoticed for years simply because it is covered by our clothes.

Unlike animals and other creatures who are covered in fur, hairs, feathers or whatever; humans are the only beings to go around naked beneath what they wear.

Think about it next time you meet someone. A friend, your boss, that neighbour of yours you meet every now and then, or people on TV like celebrities, politicians, and know-it-alls who pontificate on this and that.

Look at them carefully up and down once or twice ... and imagine. No matter what they might be wearing, a fancy hat, a beautiful flowing dress, or a three piece suit, underneath it all they are naked. Can you see their nakedness?
We are all as naked as the next man, or if you happen to be standing next to a woman, then as naked as the next woman; or if you are standing or sitting on your own, the same applies. Under the clothes we are wearing right now we are not wearing anything else.

Throughout history, famous people like King Henry VIII, William Shakespeare, Robin Hood or the Three Musketeers, regardless of their various familiar costumes, underneath it all they were naked. (Click on them to learn more).

The only person in history who was actually naked without any clothes was Lady Godiva when she rode a horse through Coventry.

Oh ... and also the athletes in the Olympic Games in ancient Greece who competed in the nude.

The very first naked people in the world were of course Adam and Eve when they went around with no clothes on having barbeques in paradise. (Say, that's a great title for an Oscar winning movie "Barbeque in Paradise). Then they met a talking snake who pointed at their rude bits and that was the end of that.

So there you have it. Rude nakedness covered by the clothes we wear. Scandalous.


  1. After viewing my own nakedness, I would prefer to not imagine anyone else's! I often raise my hands while showering and thank God for loving me in spite of my nakedness!
    Good Post, Victor!

    1. Thank you Lulu.

      Sadly, over the years people have put too much importance on what we wera. Compare for instance very expensive haute couture, or military uniforms with many decorations, or the way a priest dresses compared to a bishop, a cardinal or even the Pope. Why do bishops have to wear those funny hats? Everywhere wherever you go you see people putting great values on what they wear.

      God bless.

  2. Hi Victor! Love the Groucho Marx image. The eyebrows moving caught me off-guard! So funny :)
    I'm sure you remember reading about public speakers who are asked to look out on the audience and 'picture them naked' so they don't get nervous. Now why would looking at a bunch of naked people make me feel better?

    We do put a lot of stock into what we wear, that is true. We are all made in God's image, and all the same. Having the insight to look past what is on the surface is a beautiful spiritual gift...which I am still working on.
    Thought provoking and funny post today :)

    1. Thank you Ceil,

      As you say, we put so much stock into what we wear. And often people feel superior when their clothes are made by some expensive shop or brand name. I still can't understand why bishops have to wear those funny hats.

      God bless you Ceil.

      P.S. Glad you liked my Groucho Marx photo.



God bless you.

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