Thursday, 17 August 2017

That wee cat chat again

Those readers who read this column, which includes me and a member or two of my family, will know that we have a problem with neighbours' cats visiting our garden and leaving their calling cards everywhere.

I have written about this once before HERE. Why don't you check it out. It is worth a read.

The problem is that the cats continue to visit us come what may.

Now, I have just heard about some unusual deterrent and I would like your advice about it.

As you know, cats, dogs and other creatures wee on various trees and bushes to mark their territory. It is their way of saying "this is mine" and warn other animals to keep off or else.

I read in an article that if we were also to wee all over our garden we would in effect mark it as our territory and it would keep the cats from visiting us. All we have to do is sprinkle our scented eau de toilette on various bushes and trees and it will do the trick.

We can of course do this the natural way; making sure first that the neighbours are not watching and taking photos to share later on social media. Or we could fill a bottle in the privacy of our own bathroom and sprinkle its content all over the garden.

The article does not specify whether male or female scent is more effective or whether it makes no difference.

So I'm asking for your advice.

Have you heard of this rather unusual, and seemingly feasible, way of deterring cats and other animals from one's property?

Have you ever tried it?

Does it work?

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