Thursday, 5 October 2017

I Like Atheists

 I like atheists.

An atheist is a person who does not believe in the existence of God.

Atheists, generally, are intellectual, well-read, intelligent people. They have considered the issue thoroughly and have decided that God does not exist. He is a fantasy and a figment of our imagination. Or an invention to keep people under control.

Atheists, again generally, like to inform other people that their belief in God is all wrong. Believers are misguided and should either mend their ways or grow up and live in the real world.

Atheists, once more, generally, have an air of superiority about them, and they are always certain of their beliefs. I've never met an atheist who is not sure whether God exists or not. Have you? Christians on the other hand often have their Doubting Thomas moments. Atheists - never. They are sure God does not exist.

But despite all that; I like atheists. And it has nothing to do with the Christian belief of loving one's neighbours or enemies or any thing like that.

I like atheists not so much in a Christian way, but more for my own selfish reasons.

You see ... the more atheists there are the more room there will be for me and you in Heaven.

The way I see it is like this. If atheists don't believe in God, therefore it follows that they don't believe in Heaven either. This being the case, then they would not want to be somewhere which they believe doesn't exist.

And this leaves more room for me and you in Heaven.

Just think about it. Have you ever been on a beach, or in a park, and it is crowded with a lot of other people there and you can't find a place to sit? Or have you been to a football match and the whole stadium is packed with people like sardines all shouting and cheering for their teams and disturbing your reading or listening to music on your radio?

In Heaven, it won't be like that.

With all the atheists somewhere else discussing how wrong they were, there will be plenty of room for me and you in Heaven.

Oh bliss ... no more standing in long queues, or lines, waiting to enter the Prayer Meeting, or to enrol for harp playing lessons. No more waiting on end to be fitted with wings and to be taught to fly like an angel. We will have all the space to enjoy just for ourselves and no long queues either.

I think it will be Heavenly in Heaven.


  1. WHERE did this come from--LOL!!!!!

    1. Do you think it will be crowded in Heaven, Lulu? I know I wish everyone to end up in Heaven, but if so, God will have to build many more rooms in His Heavenly Mansion. I would wish to have a room with en suite bathroom. How about you?

      God bless.

    2. I assume heaven will be infinitely large, so there will be plenty of space.

  2. Actually I don't find atheists all that intelligent. They just gloss right over that nothing comes from nothing. Some being had to make the world. ;)

    1. The ones I see on TV over here certainly have an air of superiority and look down their noses at those who believe in God. I am specifically concerned at those who use allegedly "humour" to make their point. Like for example the comedian who said on TV "I am not one of those people who believes in a bearded old man sitting on a cloud somewhere"; implying that if you believe in God you are somehow intellectually deficient in some way.

      God bless you and yours, Manny.



God bless you.

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