Sunday, 11 March 2018

When I'm Dead and Gone

Father Ignatius was at the monthly Any Questions Meeting held at St Vincent Parish Hall, whereby parishioners and their guests asked any questions which he and Father Donald would attempt to answer and teach about the Catholic Faith.

The discussion centered about death and our achievements in life.

Father Ignatius said, “Imagine you are dead and resting in your open coffin. Your family and friends pass by to pay their last respects. What would you want them to say?”

Someone hesitantly said that she’d like people to say that she was a good wife and mother and that she always attended Mass on Sunday.

Another person added that he was a good doctor and did his best for his patients.

A third parishioner went on to say that she was a good teacher and cared for all the children in her care.

Father Ignatius noted that Theodore Luxton-Joyce, the eccentric millionaire and generous donor to the church, was scribbling away in his notepad and was somewhat un-interested. He’d only attended the Meeting to accompany his lovely wife Rose.

So the priest asked him, “How about you Theodore? What would you like people to say when they see you lying in your open coffin?”

“I’d like them to say ‘I’ve seen him move …’ ” came the swift reply as everyone laughed.

As the laughter died down Father Ignatius continued, “I’m sure they’ll say you had a great sense of humor too …

“But on a more serious note … how exactly will we be remembered?

“A parishioner once told me that it was hypocritical to always speak well of the dead. If a person had been nasty and bad in his life, the only difference is that he is now a dead nasty and bad person. And to pretend otherwise would be insincere.

“This is a little uncharitable perhaps; but that parishioner had a point.”

Father Ignatius stopped, as he often did, to punctuate the importance of what he had just said.

He then continued, “Now is the time to ensure that people will be honest when they speak about us.

“We do this by remembering Christ’s commandment to love one another. And to practice that commandment.

“The best gift we can offer each other is our presence. We all have a part to play in other people’s lives. Just think for a moment how many people rely on you … your spouse, your children, your elderly parents, your neighbors perhaps … if you’re a teacher or a doctor the children in your school rely on you, as well as your patients …

“I need not go on. But the point I’m making is that we should be generous with our time with these people. Our very presence on this earth can be a source of great joy and happiness to others.

“When Jesus was raised to Heaven, His disciples missed Him and were sad to see Him leave them. They were totally devastated and confused.

“Missing someone is a sure sign that their presence affected your life in a good way.

“So let us be remembered not for who we were but for what we have done; and how we made a real difference for the good in someone’s life.

“And even though we might not move in our open coffin, as Theodore hopes, at least our lives will have moved others".



  1. I like the these words, “Missing someone is a sure sign that their presence affected your life in a good way." Thank you! It is a wonderful post! Have a grand week!

    1. Thank you so much Cathy. Wishing you a happy week ahead.

      God bless.

  2. I agree with Cathy. Missing the people that were important in our lives surely is a sign that they left their impact on us.
    Have a wonderful week Victor!

    1. Do you know, Bill, I enjoy visiting a lot of Bloggers and I do miss many when they stop blogging. I learn a lot from visiting various peoples' blogs and I appreciate the time and effort they take in posting frequently. That's why I pray for all who take the time to visit me here.

      God bless you always, Bill.

  3. I also agree with the others.
    I should like to be remembered as someone who not only said I was a Christian but acted like one too.

    1. Well said, Happyone. There are so many these days who call themselves Christian but do not act like it.

      God bless you my friend.

  4. Yes, missing someone who has passed on is a sure sign of how much loving influence he or she had on our lives. I hope I'm remembered as a person who followed Jesus, and heeded His commands to love God and love our neighbors.
    Blessings, Victor!

    1. That's the important thing, Martha. To love God and to love our neighbours. Not always easy in this increasingly secular world of ours.

      God bless you and yours always.

  5. Excellent post! I just hope people remember me as a kind person.

    1. As long as we do our best, Terri, people will remember and miss us dearly when we are gone.

      Personally, I intend to live for ever even if it kills me to do so.

      God bless you and your family.

  6. GREAT POST, Victor!AND thank you for sending this rolling around and around in my head!
    Blessings, My Friend!

    1. I told people that when I get to die, I want them to spray starch on my face and tickle me. That way I'll die smiling.

      Thank you for your support,Lulu. God bless you always my friend.

    2. Did you have this song by McGuinness Flint in the USA?

      God bless.



God bless you.

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