Monday, 9 April 2018

No Stranger At The Door

“ … and there we were both standing at the doorway of the Church,” said Father Ignatius, “and then he asked me if I could spare a cup of coffee. I didn’t think he drank coffee. What do you think he drank anyway?”

“St Peter?” asked Father Donald.

“Yes … St Peter,” repeated Father Ignatius, “what do you think he drank? Surely not coffee. It hadn’t been discovered then! When he was alive on earth.”

“Oh … boiled fish water, I shouldn’t wonder,” laughed Father Donald, “must have tasted really horrible I should think!”

“And then …” continued Father Ignatius after a short pause, “and then, as if by magic, we were here in my office. I was sitting at my desk, like now, and he sat in the very armchair where you’re sitting in!”

Father Donald looked around him in the armchair and said nothing. Father Ignatius continued.

“St Peter sat just where you’re sitting Donald. He looked just like we’ve seen him portrayed in the movies. Tall guy and well set. With a beard and wearing a brown tunic … and sandals. I remember distinctly the sandals. Big man, he was … I wouldn’t wish to be on the wrong side of an argument with him. He was here in this office.

“He asked what I thought of him.

“I mumbled the usual things we’ve been taught in seminary … Loyal follower of Christ, leader of the Disciples, Head of the Church … That sort of thing!

“He smiled and picked up a biscuit … he preferred the chocolate covered ones and commented that they tasted different to the ones he was used to in them days … That’s exactly what he said … in them days!”

Father Donald raised an eyebrow and smiled, whilst Father Ignatius went on.

“Then he asked me to be honest. Not repeat what I’d been taught. What did I really think of him?”

Father Donald smiled once more and said nothing.

“Well …” Father Ignatius went on, “I hesitated of course … it’s quite a shock seeing St Peter face to face and being asked such a direct question.

“I said that some theologians consider him to be a bit irresolute of character … Tends to speak first, sometimes acts quickly, yet … a bit hesitant when the chips are down!”

“Wow …” said Father Donald, “did he hit you for saying that? He has a bit of a temper our St Peter you know.”

“No … he remained calm,” replied Father Ignatius, “He said ‘I don’t care about what theologians think … what do they know? I’m asking for your opinion Ignatius!’ He called me Ignatius … so he knew full well who I was. Then he asked me if I had any more of those brown covered biscuits.

“I gave him the whole packet of chocolate biscuits which somehow I had here in my desk; and then I said that I sympathized with his predicament and how he’d been portrayed by some theologians. He was and I’m sure he still is very loyal to Christ. He spoke first because of his confidence and beliefs in our Lord.

“He hesitated a little when he jumped into the lake and tried to walk on water. But anyone would have done that … Jesus had asked him to come to Him … so at least he did show real Faith by jumping into the water … but his Faith faltered … understandable really!

“And that’s when St Peter sat a little forward in the armchair and calmly said to me … ‘Quite the diplomat aren’t you Ignatius?’ I remember distinctly those words … and they were not said in a complimentary way either. He asked me to go on … what did I really and honestly think of him.

“So I swallowed hard Donald … I knew what he wanted me to say but I was too scared to say it. He nodded gently to encourage me …

“And very quietly I mumbled that he had denied Christ three times …

“He looked me straight in the eye and all gentleness seemed to have gone from his face. He waved his hand gently at me, still holding a half-eaten chocolate biscuit, as if to reprimand me … you know, as we do with our finger when we point at a little child, and then he said, ‘After over two thousand years you people still hold that against me! And you call yourselves forgiving Christians … The Lord Himself forgave me with His knowledgeable look full of love and pity for me. But you Christians still bring this matter up …

“And it’s the same with Thomas … Whenever I meet him he says that the only thing that people remember about him is his doubting, and they can’t relate anything else he did after that.

“Well let me tell you something clever Ignatius that you are’ … That’s what St Peter called me, Donald. ‘Clever Ignatius that you are'.

“Let me tell you something … Have you ever considered what would have happened if I did not deny our Lord? I would have most probably been taken by the crowd and hung from the nearest tree …

“They were horrible they were … and angry and wild. Those same people who pretended to love Him, whom He had healed and taught over the years suddenly became very wild. They became angry, almost feral … And of course I was scared. They were probably scared too, you know. They had to act this way because acting any differently would have resulted in them being hanged too!

“And by denying Christ, the Son of our God, I unwittingly set in course the chain of events which followed. Jesus knew exactly why I had to deny Him at the time of His capture.

“After His Resurrection, when He appeared to us on the shore of the lake as we were fishing; it was the third time Jesus appeared to us after He was raised from death … We had just eaten together, and Jesus asked me three times if I loved Him. And every time I said yes He asked me to take care of His lambs and His sheep!’ ”

After a short silence Father Donald asked “What happened then Ignatius? When St Peter told you that?”

Father Ignatius replied.

“Well, he finished eating his biscuit and then he asked me whether I thought I had done a good job of looking after Our Lord’s lambs and sheep …

“Before I could answer … I just woke up!”

“That’s quite a dream …” said Father Donald, “and quite a message from St Peter.

“Christ knew precisely why Peter had to be spared at the time of His capture … in order to lead the Disciples and the Church!”


  1. :)

    Go tell my disciples and especially Peter... Mark 16:7

  2. I've been getting to know Fr. Ignatius and Fr. Donald while reading all about Theodore Luxton-Joyce. I'm a fan!!

    1. Hi Terri,

      I did not know you bought the book "Theodore Luxton-Joyce". Thanx. Please let me know what you think of it and leave an Amazon customer review.

      God bless you, my friend.

  3. I always thought we give Peter a hard time for denying Jesus. Didn't all the apostles leave him at some point. I find it reassuring that Jesus forgave them as He forgives us when we mess up.

    1. Yes, Happyone, all the disciples left Jesus for fear of being arrested and killed too. It was important for them to flee in order to build the Church after the Resurrection. And indeed, Christ forgave them as He forgives us.

      God bless.

  4. Such a beautiful dream and amazing story, Victor. Peter has always been one of my favorite people in the New Testament. Blessings!

    1. Thank you Martha. I thought this story would clarify why Peter had to deny Jesus, and why the apostles had all to flee.

      God bless you always.

  5. I really like these Fr. Ignatius stories. They are well written and have important lessons to share.
    Thanks Victor.

    1. Thank you Bill for your kind comments. "God's Shepherd" is a book containing such short stories. "Visions", The Priest and Prostitute" and "To Love A Priest" are standalone novels featuring Fr Ignatius and the other characters such as Fr Donald, and Theodore Luxton-Joyce.

      Also, I have some stories which can be downloaded FREE from

      I hope you enjoy reading them.

      God bless you my friend.

  6. YA! So true Victor #1, "I" agree that a lot of so called theologians consider St. Peter to be a bit irresolute of character... As a matter of fictional reality fact, sinner vic told me about of few more of St. Peter's misunderstanding which are not yet on record.

    Believe it or not, sinner vic told me that once up on a time Jesus paid him a visit and in so many words, Jesus asked Peter how every was going.

    Peter replied... Lord Jesus, I don't know how much I can stand putting UP with all these reminders of me having denied You three times and then they continue with You having asked me to take care of Your sheep so often... Forgive me Lord but I kind of lost it with one of Your so called sheep... Long story short, I had placed one of my trusted Angel at Heaven's gate and wouldn't YA know it... one of these so called twenty first century sheep gave my Angel such a hard time that I was called... After I heard this sheep, "I" mean after I heard the loud story, there's no way that I could let that sheep in so I told this sheep that if she could spell GOD, she could come through the gate... This sheep lost "IT" and insisted that if YOU were a Man... Anyway Lord... Longer story shorter, I tried to be nice cause You Lord know what people are like nowadays so I asked her to spell "Czechoslovakia"

    Jesus I still have to tell You about another sheep and the only good thing that this sheep had ever done on earth was given a two dollar bill to a poor man and long story short, "I" told my angel to give him back his two dollars and then send this old goat to hell.

    Peter continues with his sad stories and Jesus starts to feel sorry for him so He asked, What do you want me to do for YA Peter?

    Well Jesus, I've heard that this world is really exiting nowadays and I was wondering if YA would let me go down for a visit. After Jesus again warned Peter... Long story short, Peter went down and a guide showed Peter a great time and then Peter when back to heaven.

    Jesus asked Peter how he liked "IT" and Peter in so many words told Jesus that Yes, "I" really would like to try "IT" again if YA don't mind Lord...

    Peter went down to earth and long story short... Everything had changed and Peter was really feeling terrible and so he asked his guide what had happened... Well said the guide... Longer story shorter, my master now tells me that YA are no longer a wanted "Tourist" and "The Devil Triangle" has no need for YA anymore then sinner vic and Peter WOKE UP to reality.

    Believe it or not Victor#1, I've read all of your post since my last comment but I chose to comment on this post.


    God Bless you, your family and readers.


    P.S. Please keep praying for me.

  7. Thank you that you keep reading my posts. And for your comments too. Praying for you and your family.

    God bless.



God bless you.

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