Thursday, 6 December 2018

Thank you everyone

(Follow-up from yesterday's post)


Forgive me for sounding familiar but you really are a joy-bringer! Your wonderful donation
of £25 which we have safely received is truly a much needed gift this Christmas and I’m so grateful. By way of a thank you, I’ll tell you why your gift is so special.

This really is our busiest season. Our Salvation Army officers, staff and volunteers work flat out for weeks, and do you know, we wouldn’t want it any other way! Our caring ministry is our joyful task every day, all year, but Christmas time is when loneliness is at its worst, hunger is cruel, poverty can be grinding and the biting weather can make the streets a killer for people when the pavement is their home. Christmas and winter are our busiest time because for many, it is sadly the worst time.

Your Christmas donation was probably one of the kindest things you could have done. Loneliness will become laughter, hunger will be satisfied, children will smile and laugh, families will have Christmas and homeless people will get the support they need to start afresh. What a great gift you have made with your support for The Salvation Army.

So thank you, sincerely and deeply. And just as you have touched the lives of the people we help, may this message bring you the warmth of genuine thanks and appreciation, and may that warmth stay with you. Believe me, you deserve it!

In case you need it for your records your donation reference is SARM20181206-1519-96970.

May God bless you and your loved ones.

Lieut-Colonel David Kelly 
On behalf of all the members of The Salvation Army

P.S - Did you know you can shop online with your favourite retailers and donate to The Salvation Army without it costing you a penny? Click here to find out more about Give as you Live.
The Salvation Army is a Church and registered Charity in England (214779),
Wales (214779), Scotland (SC009359) and the Republic of Ireland (CHY6399).
Supporter Care Team 020 7367 4800.


  1. You are a generous soul Victor. Not with just monetary donations, which we can see by your post was truly a God send but in the laughter and the spiritual knowledge that you bestow on us all through the year.

    Let me say here and now...thank you Victor for your generosity and your caring heart ❤

    Bless you Victor ✝

    1. Thank you so much for your kindness to me Jan. I promised to make a donation based on the number of comments (and hits) my post received. I am very grateful to my loyal readers, (and friends, for I consider them so), for their continuous support and encouragement.

      I am glad I met you on the Internet.

      God bless you and yours always.

  2. Salvation Army - an awesome charity :)

    1. Yes, Chris; The Salvation Army is one of my favourite charity and I am grateful to you and other readers for participating in yesterday's post and thus help increase the donation I had to make.

      Thank you also for your support and encouragement of my writing, my friend.

      God bless you always.

  3. An excellent charity, highly valued here in the USA too.



God bless you.