Sunday, 19 April 2009

Peter's Legacy.

What do we know about Peter?

He was a fisherman chosen by Christ as a disciple. He immediately left his nets by the sea shore and followed Jesus. (Matthew 4:18).

He can be a little impetuous and acting on impulse. When Jesus walked on water towards the boat Peter asked if he too could walk towards Christ. Jesus said: Yes, and Peter soon jumped into the lake, walked a few steps, then lost Faith and almost drowned. (Matthew 14:22).

He can talk without thinking. When Jesus taught His disciples that He was to die and then rise from the dead, Peter rebuked Christ, his own Master, and told Him this should not happen. (Matthew 16:21).

Days later, when Peter, James and John were up a high mountain with Jesus; and they saw Moses and Elijah talking with Jesus, again, Peter comes forward mouth first and suggests he builds three tents for Jesus, Moses and Elijah. What was he thinking? Having a picnic up there? (Matthew 17:1).

When Jesus was arrested, Peter really lost his head. He drew out his sword and attacked the high priest’s servant. (John 18:10).

Yet, not so longer later he denied knowing Jesus three times. (Luke 22:54).

So there you have it. A hothead, a loud mouth, who denies His Master even though he said he never would.

Yet, he then went on to lead Christ’s early church to greater things.

So, what is Peter’s legacy to us?

It is this: God is forgiveness. No matter what you have done, no matter what your sin is, if you truly repent and promise not to repeat your sin, God will forgive you and help you to greater things.

Peter denied God Himself. Yet, through forgiveness and love, became God’s leading light here on earth.


  1. The testimony of Peter has encouraged me so many times throughout my Christian walk. This is a great summary of hope in Jesus. Thanks Vic.

  2. Thanx for your comments. Look out for other "legacies" to be posted here soon.

    God bless.

    Vic M



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