Friday, 21 August 2009

Basic instinct.

We all act on instinct from time to time. If we touch something hot or sharp we immediately withdraw in pain. If we taste something unpleasant, the basic instinct is to spit it out. And when I hammer hard on my finger, missing the nail altogether, as I did this morning, believe me, my first instinct was not to say: “Jolly gosh, this was a tad uncomfortable for me !!!”.

I suppose the same applies when some terrible situation happens to us. The first instinct is probably fear, followed with a multitude of others such as confusion, doubts, worry, anger and so on.

But what if our first instinct in such situations was to immediately turn to God?

Instinctively, without thinking, turn to God for help, reassurance, guidance and peace.

What if our automatic reflex to any bad situation was an immediate reaching out to God? Before even the negative emotions come into play.

Wouldn’t that make our lives that much better? Because after all, God’s will for us is to have peace. Christ often greeted His disciples with the words “Peace be with you”.

So at the first sign of trouble, let’s turn to Him and ask: “Lord, grant me your peace in this situation.”

Years ago I knew a priest who was always calm and serene. Nothing seemed to rattle him, and I truly believe he had the Holy Spirit within him.

Once in a sermon he said: “I’ve made a deal with God. I carry out His work on earth to the best of my abilities; He takes care of the worries!”.

There’s a message for us to consider.


  1. Hello Victor -

    Yes - it would be wonderful if our first instinct would be a turn to God. But alas, us humans have a hard time figuring things out. So many distractions, issues, problems...
    This I have to practice with much prayer. I rely on myself too often, and I fall flat on my face. I am in formation now for the permanent diaconate, class of 2011, God willing. If I rely only on myself, if I look back over my shoulder and see the past close behind, I will never make it. I have to place all my truct in God. He knows why I am in the program. So I keep following His call - if He changes the course, I will still follow..

    God bless!

  2. Hi Brian,

    God gave us instincts and emotions as part of our human nature. So it is natural, when threatened, for our emotions such as fear, panic, worry etc ... to come to the fore.

    God knows that it is our nature, so He forgives the first signs of panic.

    But when we've calmed down a little; that's when we should turn to Him for help - almost (but not quite) instinctively.

    God bless you in your work as you spread His Word.

  3. Emotional responses always are a struggle, especially anger and fear. Often after the fact I am able to discern the hand of God, but during it seems nearly impossible. I think for me I have to act calm - even if my heart is beating and I am ready to crawl out of my skin...the gift is that the behavior usually brings about the peace I desire, and a return to trust in Jesus.

    Oh, and I smashed my finger about a week ago - said a few less than edifying words into my left elbow...Wife says she was proud of me. Yikes that hurts.

  4. Hi David,

    You're right. Whilst we're in the midst of a trauma it is very difficult to see that God is beside us. Our first instincts are emotion led.

    We have to act calm. Not always easy for me.



God bless you.