Tuesday, 1 September 2009

First steps.

Have you ever watched a video of new born birds attempting to leave the nest for the first time?

The parent bird is there on nearby branches singing away: no doubt encouraging her young to take flight. They hesitate. Look around, look down at the ground which seems miles away, and then politely say to each other: “You first.” “No, no, after you …” “Ladies first, I always say.”

And none of them has the courage to take off, whilst the mother is cheering heartily: “Come on, you know you can do it!”

Eventually one of the little ones gingerly jumps out of the nest, his wings flapping madly, and somehow lands safely to the ground. In time he is followed by his siblings and yet another generation takes flight and leaves the nest.

Our first steps with the Lord are no different I suppose.

We question, we analyse, we debate and then … perhaps … in time, we come to believe.

Eventually, we make that first step in Faith. Believing, without having all the answers. Without knowing everything about the aero-dynamics of flight, or the effects of gravity as we leave the perceived safety of our nest.

God does not ask us to know everything about Him, how He thinks, how He works, and how He manages the universe; and loves each one of us individually with an everlasting Fatherly caring affection and attention that surpasses all understanding.

All He asks is that we trust Him and believe, without question and without hesitation.

His Holy Spirit will then do the rest and help us through our journey to the Father.


  1. …” “Ladies first, I always say.”


    Another great post...

  2. How true - the resistance to leave what is familiar even if it is limiting to our freedom.

    It is true God doesn't ask us to know EVERYTHING about Him - and we never could. However, I believe that our trust grows as we cultivate intimacy (a personal knowing of Him as He reveals Himself to us) with Him through His Word. I think this cultivation through His Word is lacking in many lives and that is why they lack the trust, faith and courage to walk in His wisdom and truth. Over and over God states His desire for His people to know Him, because like an earthly realtionship - knowing, leads to trusting, which is leads to walking a life in His will and ways.



  3. Hi Wendy and Rachel,

    It's truely trusting, without any minute tiny little bit of doubt, which most people find difficult.

    "I believe, Lord; help my unbelief". Mark 9:24.



God bless you.