Wednesday 9 September 2009

Insoluble solutions.

There are times in life when we are faced by seemingly insoluble problems. So we work hard at finding a solution. If the problem involves others we try to persuade them to our way of thinking, we disagree, we argue, and perhaps friendships are put at risk as a result.

Whilst we’re struggling to find a solution, we forget that God already has the answer. And the wise thing to do is to stop for a while, pray, and hand over the problem to Him.

As we let things rest for a while, God will suggest a reasonable solution to what irks us.

I know, this will sound strange, humourous even, to an un-believer. But the realities of life are that God knows about every inconceivable problem that we can imagine; and even those outwith our imagination. And if He knows about the problems, He also knows their solutions.

He wouldn’t be an omnipotent all-knowing God otherwise.

Our hesitation to hand over our problems to Him, is itself a problem of our own making – not His.


  1. Expected anticipated outcomes.They get me every time. I really must surrender my own personal view of life,it always gets me into strife. It's my self will,I suppose but oh the pain of extraction!

  2. Yes - I believe this is the hardest thing to do. I am a person of great "anxiety." And this "anxiety" is sinful for a believer. It is a sign of distrust, and a lacking prayer life. Only with prayer can we build up our trust in God. I must find that quiet place every day where I can meet God and hear Him speak.

    I must learn to leave it all in His hands.

  3. Hi Shadowlands and Brian,

    Thanx for your visit and comments. You may also wish to read my previous post ANXIETY. Click the link above.

    God bless you.

  4. The hard part for me to not rush ahead of God's timing. But I am learning. Thanks for the reminder.

  5. Hi Patricia,

    We rush because it is our human nature to do so. We can't help it. We see a problem and we just have to resolve it - we think our solution is best. Others disagree. We argue. And we fall out.

    Instead, we should stop, and pray - with the other person too if appropriate. In time, His own time, He will respond to us.

    God bless you for visiting this Blog.



God bless you.