Wednesday, 7 March 2012

My subconscious and I

Me: Hmmm … I have a few days free right now and maybe I should …

Subconscious: Oh good … we’re going on holiday!

Me: Holiday? No … of course not …

Sub: But, we haven’t been on holiday for sometime …

Me: Yes we did … we went to the seaside for the weekend two years ago … that was nice …

Sub: Wasn’t it just? OK … what will you do with your free days?

Me: Well, I was intending to plan …

Sub: Oh no … not more plans. You’re always planning something; and writing documents, and filing all sorts of bits of paper. It’s your need to be in control of everything. Always planning! Why can’t you let things be? Surprise yourself. Be instantaneous. Let things happen for a change, without any plans and schedules. What is it you’re planning this time?

Me: Well … my funeral, as it happens.

Sub: What?

Me: My funeral.

Sub: Are you feeling well? No aches and pains I should know about? Apart from your brain that is! What’s brought on the sudden need to plan your funeral?

Me: Well … It helps get things organized … you know … when the time comes. It saves the bother and worry for those left behind to have to sort things out.

Sub: But … the whole purpose of dying is to get others to sort things out. It gives them something to do and stops them moping around with miserable faces.

Me: It would be nice to organize the funeral service in church. My favorite readings … favorite hymns …

Sub: Oh no … not those sad hymns. What is it with people and sad hymns at funerals? Why not sing something cheerful?

Me: Like what?

Sub: Like Chitty Chitty Bang Bang or Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. Maybe people would like to sing those at your funeral rather than your sad hymns.

Me: But people always have mournful songs at funerals.

Sub: Don’t they just? And what is it with that song from the movies? What’s it called? And I will always love you. With that very long elongated … I … which goes on and on before singing will always love you. What’s all that about?

Me: It’s sad. It depicts the love people have for the person who has died.

Sub: What nonsense. If you really love someone you tell them so when they’re alive. When they’re with you. And you show that love through the way you treat them. Not tell them all about it when they’re dead … When it could be too late.

Me: You have a point there …

Sub: I always do. Take my advice. Forget about planning your funeral and go and show your love for somebody.

Me: How well put …

Sub: And another thing … you’re a pain in the neck … working your way South!


  1. Victor,

    What worries me about funerals is how everyone says such nice things about the deceased. You could get the impression that the person was a saint without a single fault. Surely the recently departed went straight to heaven... I hope everyone remembers I am a sinner and in need of prayers, when I die.

    Interesting story!

    God bless.

  2. You're so right Sue,

    Tradition has it that we never speak ill of the dead. I never quite understood that. If someone was a right so and so during his lifetime all that's different now is that he is a dead right so and so!!!

    You can imagine a really nasty person dying and at his funeral people are struggling to find something nice to say about him.

    "Well ... at least he dressed well. Always neat and tidy ...

    And he was good to his mother ... always kept away from home!"

    God bless you Sue. Keep smiling.

  3. "But … the whole purpose of dying is to get others to sort things out. It gives them something to do and stops them moping around with miserable faces."

    I think you may be onto something, Victor.

  4. Hello Sarah,

    It's good to laugh I think. I wonder if people will laugh at my funeral.

    God bless.



God bless you.

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