Monday, 11 June 2012

Watch the birdie

Inspired by Vicky who has published some of her great photos on her Blog I have selected here a few snaps which I took with my latest camera.

I was quite a distance away in this open-air zoo and used the zoom lens for this photo.
Even further away from this rhino. They say they're short sighted but have a keen sense of smell; and I had just put on my latest after-shave lotion!
This is what happens when you have the camera hanging on your chest by its strap and you accidentally press the button on a pebbly beach.
This is a close-up of some apples from our trees in the garden. 
This is near where I live.
This is a close-up of a painting of the Holy Spirit. Unfortunately the flash kept shining on the glass at the top of the photo. Perhaps Vicky can advise on how to avoid that.


  1. Victor, they're great photos!! Don't you just love happy accidents, like the pebbles photo?

    I'm still a real beginner but I'm finding with the flash that, in most cases, it's best to find a way to avoid it. Your camera might have a setting for taking shots behind glass. With reference photos for my art portraits, I couldn't use the flash because it destroyed the shadows and the depth which are created by natural light . It ends up washing out a photo and making it look flat.

    One way around it is to open up the aperture more to let more light in. Maybe, if you have a tripod, you could slow the shutter speed?

    I was thinking about doing a post on light sources for portraits but I don't know much about how professional photographers do it. Maybe, we can both learn!

    I'm glad you shared your photos, Victor.
    God bless:-)

  2. I like to take pictures too, but not nearly as much as my 4 year old daughter. That picture of the pebbles on the beach reminds me of her pictures.

  3. You see Vicky; you're using all the right words. I wouldn't know a thing about shutter speed, opening the aperture, shadows and depth created by natural light and all that. Why can't the camera do it for me?

    It's all too confusing. I just point the camera and click. And sometimes I get pictures of pebbles. At other times when I'm looking at the camera I get close-up pictures of my nose.

    I also have a cell phone which takes pictures. When it rings I press the wrong button and take a picture of my ear.

    God bless you Vicky.

  4. Well done!!! Love the laid back!!! Have a wonderful day!! Cathy

  5. Hello Athanasius,

    Glad to hear you like taking photos too.

    You'd have thought I'd be a better photographer by now considering I started taking pictures as a child when I was given a toy camera for my birthday. It was just a point and click camera. Easy to use.

    I was small then. I took many pictures of peoples' knees!

    God bless.

  6. Hi Cathy.

    Took me ages to take the bear photo. I waited for him to look at me. I was a way back using a zoom lens. He was in an open zoo with no cages; just like in the wild.

    God bless.

  7. Victor,

    Great photos! You are revealing new talents!

    The photo of the pebbles reminds me of trips to the beach in the UK. I guess there are sandy beaches but the ones I remember are the pebbly ones. It's very hard to get comfortable on a pebbly beach! I guess that's why people set their deck chairs up on the promenade. I lived for 3 years at Aberystwyth in Wales while I was at university. The beach was very popular in summer despite it being a pebble beach. But just along the coast was a magnificent sandy beach with huge sand dunes. Andy and I used to climb up to the cliffs and walk along the coastal path to get to it. Very windy and cold but beautiful. Thank you for bringing back all those memories!

    God bless!

  8. Hello Sue,

    They're not photos; just snaps. I don't have the patience to think about composition, lighting, focus, aperture and all that. I point and click.

    There are nice sandy beaches in Bournemouth which I visit from time to time. This pebbly beach was in Norfolk. In Scotland some of the beaches have black sand.

    I'm so glad that the accidental photo of the pebbles brought you back such happy memories. Wales is a beautiful country.

    God bless.

  9. Vicky thinks she's speaking English? God bless you, Vicky but I didn't understand a word of that. I aim and click....and that's why my blog barely ever has any pictures on it.

    Victor, your pictures came out great! The bear picture is cool! We had one on the side of our house the other week but Randy didn't have time to snap a picture before he ran off. Supposedly the bears aren't dangerous around here but I admit it unnerves me a bit.

  10. Wow ... I'd be too frightened of a bear near my house. Especially if he was taking photos of me!

    God bless you Mary.



God bless you.