Sunday, 22 December 2013

A Blessed Christmas to you all

Vic Moubarak
 wishes a Blessed Christmas
 to you and your families 
and thanks you for all your prayers. 
God bless.

Father Francis Maple

Father Francis Maple


  1. Victor, forgive me but, I keep asking myself if you really are for real and/or are you just some kind of robot that GOD (Good Old Dad) has sent our way.

    Let me try to explain as quickly as I can but I'm going to need a few links in order to try to explain so please forgive me again for the links on your blog.

    Here is a sample of my last blog and gods only know why
    any is still made available.

    What I'm trying to say is that you've really surprised me cause I've meant a lot of good people on the internet and I know that I probably have a lot more good people that I have yet to meet but so far you seem to be "ONE" step ahead spiritrually and reality speaking.
    I hear YA! Quit buttering me UP sinner vic and say what YA must! :)

    OK Sorry! :(

    Long story short, Dr. Wesley J. Smith wa first to truly motivated me and truth be known, his soul, spirit and/or Guardian Angel was the "ONE" responsible for me using "IT" continually because he knew that I was kind of sad that he left "Second Hand Smoke" blog to work for someone else and so said in a comment in so many words that if he ever needed an "IT" man or was that it man, he knew where he could find one and I've held on to "IT" as most know of "IT".

    Victor, I must rush this comment cause I promised one of our grandson's that I would take him for a Canadian supper.

    Anyway Joe Carter a very nice educted honest man told me in so many words that if I kept talking in the third person, that he would not be allowing my comments and long story short, he was true to his words. Personally speaking, he must have been speaking about sinner vic who still keeps using idols like "ME" "Myself" and "I" and your readers who want to know more about Idols should read The Anchoress first born which is well written and belive "IT" or not, I read that book. you can get the information needed at
    I've got to go Victor so MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU YOUR FAMILY AND ALL YOUR READERS and by the way please don't tell Manny that you're "ONE" step ahead of his gods...(lol)
    Go Figure brothers and sisters in Christ?

    God Bless Peace

  2. Christmas JOY to you and your family, Victor!
    Christ is Born! Glorify Him!

    1. Thank you so much Hand-Maid.

      May you all have a very Blessed Christmas and a Peaceful and Joyful New year.

      God bless you and your family.

  3. Victor, Most sincere wishes to you and your family for a Blessed Christmas...(every one of them LOL)
    And prayers for continued strength and healing in the New Year.
    +PAX Caroline

    1. Thank you so much Caroline for your good wishes. May your Christmas be really Blessed and may our Lord be with you and smile on you always. Have a wonderful and peaceful New Year.

      God bless you and your family.



God bless you.