Saturday, 12 April 2014


Father Ignatius sat in the empty church right up front by Our Lady’s statue. He watched for a while the votive candles burning at her feet and then started his Rosary.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, these words came whirling fast into his head, totally uncontrollable and spontaneous, yet as clear as if they were spoken to him there and then.

“How shall I pray?” said the words in Father Ignatius’ head.

“Shall I beg over and over again for you to hear me? Is that what You want of me?

“Shall I plead for ever like the widow to the judge until she was heard?

“How do you want me to see You? As an over-powerful ruler demanding His own way?

“How do you want me to love You? As one loves a monster, with immense fear lest I arouse your anger and wrath?

“Shall I fear you for ever and cower at the thought of your fury?”

Father Ignatius stopped praying and made the sign of the Cross. He took a deep breath … and yet the words continued in his mind … somehow gentler now … somehow softer …

“Love me as a child … with no fear and no dread.

“Trust me as a child trusts his parents when they give him food and drink.

“A child never questions whether the food is good to eat … he takes it in trust and asks for more.

“He never doubts when led by his parents … he follows eagerly holding hands along the way.

“Love me as a child … and I’ll treat you with love and compassion.

“Ask me as a child … and I’ll give you what’s good for you in good time.

“Trust me as a child … and I’ll show you the way …

“No matter how difficult your journey ahead, I’ll always be there … guiding you into eternity … with Me.”

The words suddenly stopped as quickly as they’d started. Yet their message remained with the priest for a long time.


  1. Such a powerful message, Victor. Such a hard one to live out once we become adults. I especially love the line "He never doubts when led by his parents … he follows eagerly holding hands along the way." Children have such peaceful trust. I need to pray for an increase in child-like trust in Jesus!

    Have a blessed Holy Week!

    1. Thank you for visiting me Debbie. I understand; it is often difficult as grown-ups to have a child-like trust in God. He knows and forgives.

      Best wishes for Easter. God bless.

  2. Love it! I read your post after I posted mine about 'letting the little children come'.

    1. Hello Lisa. Welcome to my Blog. Thank you so much for visiting me. I'll come over to your Blog soon.

      God bless.

  3. Amen! This is a great post. We shouldn't fear God, we should love and trust Him and you expressed this beautifully in your story. You knocked this one out of the park, Victor - such a powerful message here. Thank you.

    1. Mary, you are always so encouraging and supportive. I am very grateful for your help and for promoting my writing.

      God bless you always.

  4. Whether we like it or not, we'll always be GOD' (Good Old Dad) children.

    When I was young, my Canada accepted that we were not adults until the age of twenty-one and that's when we got to vote and drink. Believe it or not, I respected that law and didn't start drinking until then and as a matter of fact, on my twenty first birthday, I went out to a party with my guitar and when I got home, I was sick and a girl who was visiting my parents got me in trouble with my father the next day. Three years later, I married her and didn't find out for at least another ten years what she had done. I guess you could say that after almost forty-four years of marriage, I must have forgiven her. :)

    Nowadays... There goes those voices again but they are not going to win this time! (lol)

    God Bless

    God Bless ... :)

  5. God bless you and your family too. Have a Blessed Holy Week.



God bless you.