Monday, 7 July 2014

The Lobster Award

The Lobster Award is the latest honorable decoration to hit the Blogging World. As prestigious as any other Award before it and to come in future, this coveted prize is given to carefully selected Bloggers far and wide in the vast sea of turbulent waves and calmer waters that is called the World Wide Web (or T'Internet as they say round here).

This is no mere trinket given to all and sundry to parade proudly on their Blog side-bars for all to see.

This is no measly sardine sized Award on a slice of burnt toast, or a miniscule thin anchovy sliver fighting for attention on the immense sized Blogging Pizza on the Internet serving dish.

The Lobster Award is a majestic sized trophy in its own right.

Worthy of its own singularly desirable dish; served on a silver platter with no requirements whatsoever for a side-salad, or other such piffling interruptions to confuse and distract the most discerning of palates.

The Lobster Award deserves a place on its own in the culinary mélange which is the Awards Industry. Served all by itself to the few carefully selected Bloggers who merit recognition and distinction from amongst their peers and the rest of society.

This magnificent and rarely presented Award is only given to those tireless and hard-working Bloggers who, despite the many vicissitudes which life may throw in their way, despite the magnitude of the task ahead in their daily grind that is this vale of tears, despite every obstacle, every hardship, and every discouragements and temptations to just click and move on to another Blog; they still find time to visit your personal offering and to regularly leave a message there in the Comments Box.

Yes friends and fellow Blogging Community. The Lobster Award is an honor given to those Bloggers who visit you regularly, no matter how feeble, tiresome, long-winded and sleep making your posts may be, and who leave a word of encouragement or good cheer in your Comments Box.

These brave and intrepid people who regularly visit your Blog time and again and encourage your own valiant Blogging efforts deserve more than a mere cup of tea and biscuits, more than a sardine on toast, more than a measly bit of anchovy on a slice of pizza. They deserve the best which International Cuisine can offer. They deserve The Lobster Award.  

Over the years many such kind people have visited my humble Blog, this lone voice whispering in the vast wilderness of the World Wide Web, and through sheer fortitude and courage have found it within themselves to leave me a kind and soothing message to alleviate my loneliness and insomnia at the computer keyboard. 

Friends, visitors, and writers of Comments, I salute you and proudly present you with your Lobster Award.

Please step forward to collect you memorable Lobster Awards, in no particular order, but not all at once so as to create a rush at the podium ...

(Side Note: Please click on the Awardee's Names to visit their Blogs).

Ceil Ryan - Ceil is not only a loyal visitor here who leaves kind comments but she also has a magnificient Blog where she very often teaches us about the ups and downs of life through her modern parables. She has a way or writing which quite frankly makes me envious. Her easy to read style draws you into the story and enables you to relate to the message therein. I highly recommend you visit Ceil's Blog.

Manny - Manny is one of those individuals with an intellect the size of a planet. He writes mainly about literature and you would have thought he knows personally Dante, Tolstoy, Mark Twain, Ernest Hemingway, Shakespeare and many others by the way he writes about them. A real literary encyclopaedia who has taught me how little I really know. Well worth visiting him.

Noelle - Another bookworm and literary genius. Noelle devotes her Blog mainly to book reviews which are so wonderful to read and in depth in detail and background of the authors that it is a pleasure to visit her often and learn how much I am missing by not reading more. Noelle is probably the fastest reader I have known judging from the frequency and number of books she reviews. Please visit her and learn more.

Victor - Victor is from Canada and has been visiting my Blog for about a year now leaving welcome comments and links to You Tube videos. Long story short, Victor has no Blog to which I could invite you to visit. Longer story shorter he is known as Victor #2 so as not to confuse him with me. You can follow his comments by visiting my Blog and reading what he has to say.

Michael - This regular visitor and commenter to my Blog has really taught me a lot. His Christian Blog often has an insight on the Scriptures which has escaped most of us. He posts on his Blog from time to time but even if you visit his past posts you will learn a lot from what he writes. Please visit Michael and tell others about his Blog.

I thank these my most frequent and loyal of visitors of late. But I also thank all others visitors who come here from time to time, some leaving messages and some not. You are all very dear to me and I always remember you in my prayers.

Now then ...

Proudly copy the Lobster Award logo above on your Blogs and in turn feel inspired and encouraged to nominate others who visit and leave regular messages in your Comments Box.

The rules for nominations are simple:

1   Nominate someone who regularly visits your Blog and leaves a message in the Comments Box.

2   Tell them about their nomination.

Thank you and God bless.


  1. I am laughing! Lobster Award! Do enjoy reading some of those blogs and found a couple reading your comments. SO VICTOR---cheers to you as well !

    1. Hi Lulu,

      Thanx for your kind comments and for visiting me again. You may be a new visitor here but well on the way to being awarded the Lobster Award too. I really appreciate your return visits.

      God bless you Lulu.

  2. Oh Victor, you are a unique individual and God loves you!
    Happy to be your friend, Friend!
    Thank you for this thoughtful gesture,

    1. Thank you so much Noelle for your many return visits here and for the wonderful Blog which you write. I really enjoy reading what you say; even though I don't comment often. This is becasue my monitor has run out of ink so when I type nothing appears on the screen.

      God bless you and yours.

  3. Hey! Victor #1, "I" was so impressed that YA thought of Victor # 2 that "I" had to let sinner vic post about "IT" at:

    I hear YA! Gee! What did Victor start a new? :)

    Not funny! :(

    God Bless

  4. Hi Victor! This is such a great idea! I love the thought of celebrating those friends who visit and comment steadily through our good and dreadful posts...I am so happy that you think that way of me. I think that way of you too! Weren't we so blessed to get to know each other?

    I am always happy to see your name pop up over at the blog. It's wonderful to know that you feel the same about me.
    Thank you for your kind words about the blog too. You are a generous friend.

    1. Hello Ceil,

      It is always great to see you visiting here and commenting. I'm so grateful for that. I like as many visitors as possible to comment; but sadly many visit and say nothing. Perhaps they have nothing to say. I am told by my computer expert that sometimes computers run out of ink and it is possible that many people do comment but nothing appears on the screen.

      Anyway, I know I've learnt a lot from your lesosns on your Blog. I'm grateful that you continue Blogging as it is possible that some of your visitors will learn for the first time about Christ through what you write. We never know who visits our Blogs in silenece.

      God bless you and your family.

    2. I am also told that sometimes computers deliberately make misteaks with my typing to make me look stupid. My comment above contains two such examples.

  5. Victor - thank you for this award and the kind words. Coming from you it means a lot! God Bless you for your tireless work and inspiring (and humorous) posts. I have learned much from you!

    1. Great to see you here again Michael. Thanx.

      Your posts about the Scriptures are very dear to me. I'm grateful you continue Blogging and for your contributions to the Community Blog too.

      God bless you and yours always.



God bless you.