Thursday, 11 December 2014

Think on ...

OK … let’s get ready for a biology lesson.

The human brain is not there for the sole purpose of keeping ones ears apart. It has a specific purpose all or its own.

Primarily, it is there to make us think – I know it has other functions too, so hands down all those who were about to correct me.

Where was I? Oh yes … the brain is there to make us think. Yet looking around the world these days one often finds many people under-using that particular function.

They make decisions based on instincts, feelings, opinions garnered from dubious sources such as magazines or flaky friends, or even as a reflex to the rumblings of their stomachs.

Decisions based on thinking, considering various view points, and pros and cons are a thing of the past and are often avoided because they involve … thinking.

One’s brain hurts too much for such exercise.

I remember years ago at work I had a big notice in my office with the word "THINK" printed in large letters. Its purpose was to encourage my team to come up with realistic, cost effective solutions to the problems we had to resolve - and by and large, it worked.

I'm sure some of you have experienced on the road many silly manoeuvres by other drivers, or pedestrians, which could have put them and others at risk. Or people at work trying to cut corners, or save time, and end up creating more work and difficulties than before.

Try visiting internet discussion forums and see how often people ask the most inane questions or seek advice to such basic issues which should come as second nature to anyone with a pea-sized brain like an ostrich's.

It makes you wonder how much thinking went into the process of considering the matter in the first place.

Watch the news on TV or read the papers and you'll discover many examples of half-baked ideas and ill-thought-out decisions made by people you would have thought would know better.

So … where is all this leading to? You might well ask.

Well … it is leading nowhere, unless we think about it, and resolve to use our brains more effectively.

Not that I am accusing you dear readers … no … it’s the others you know.

Let me give you just one example: I placed all my shopping on the conveyor belt in the supermarket for the check-out assistant to scan and total my bill. At the end of my shopping I put one of those dividers that separates my shopping from the one belonging to the customer behind me.

The check-out assistant picked the divider up and looked for the barcode indicating the price !!!

Exasparated ... I told her it was given free to customers.

She let me have the item !!!!!!!

Admittedly, she was young, probably her first day at work, perhaps not well trained, or ...

P.S. – If you think about it for a moment, I bet you can recognize an individual or two whose actions are not based on the same thinking process that you or I would use. I'd be glad to hear your stories.


  1. "She let me have the item !!!!!!!" and "She let me have the item !!!!!!!"

    Listen Victor # 1, you've got to stop using YAR godly powers for YAR own benefit cause remem bet "I" mean remember that we gods are in Add, "I" mean Advent time again and so we alien gods want YA to show a bad, "I" mean a good exam, "I" mean a good example to Victor #2... try and recall that YA are again waiting quietly in "TIME" "I" mean in timely prayer while denying YAR self... what "I'M" trying to say is that all of US (uusal sinners), "I" mean us godly 93% fleshy cells of "ME", "ME" "ME", "MYSELF" and "I" are trying to carry our SF cross but "IT" is not easy when... Well … it is leading nowhere, unless we think about it, and resolve to use our brains more effectively... long story short, Victor's so called seven per sent age imaginary "Jesus" just won't co-operate with us gods... as a matter of fact Victor keeps saying that we don't even exist and are nothing more than an evolving SF make believe movie."I" mean book stories and...

    that really hurts our anxiety, 'I" mean our limitted, "I" mean our feeling cause we evolving gods don't go around claiming that this so called imaginary"Jesus", "I" mean, YA Cat licks, "I" mean YA good Catholic continue to believe in HIM and... why can't YAR anxiety, "I" mean, YAS all can't be gods like us so let's try and get alone, "I" mean along during this feast, "I" mean these timeless Xmas occasions and..........................................and..................................................and...


    Hey how's "IT" going Victor # 1 and please don't be too hard on Victor # 1/2 cause truth be known his anxiety wants to also become a god like

    God Bless you and yours

    1. Cogito ergo sum; Je pense, donc je suis; I think, therefore I am.
      (René Descartes).

      My brain itches from the inside! (Victor S E Moubarak).

    2. All "I" can say is try not to scratch too hard cause the last time Victor #2 did that, he must have disturbed a few of his spiritual resting brain cells and they are still UP SET with His "Jesus cells"

      Keep praying

  2. I (sadly) have to agree on this topic. My hubby, a wise old soul, says common sense is gone.
    Advent Blessings, Aimee

    1. Common sense is not as common as we may think, Aimee. If only we could export stupidity we'd be very rich.

      God bless you and yours.

  3. Shame on you for putting the poor ostrich down on the level of us humans! The poor fellow was the originator of "putting your head in the sand" after all! We humans seem to be following his lead!

    1. I'm sorry Lulu. You're right, the ostrich is much brighter than many people I've met.

      Only yesterday I witnessed a very dangerous manoeuvre on the road by a reckless driver who could have killed himself and others. Now an ostrich would never drive like that, would it?

      I agree with you too that as a human race, many of us seem to be burying our heads in the sand regarding many issues facing the world today.

      God bless.

  4. I'm "thinkin'" some of what you said applies to me...OOPS!! Have a grand weekend!!! Cathy

    1. No, surely not Cathy. It's so wonderful to see you visiting here again. Thank you.

      May you have a Blessed Christmas.

      God bless.



God bless you.