Friday, 18 November 2016

Hairy Manhood

This Blog has never shied away from controversial subjects so ... in the hope I don't offend anyone ... here goes:

I read a very disturbing article in the paper the other day which has left me totally speechless. In fact, as speechless as the day I lost my dictionary and I did not have any words to describe my utter desolation. By the way, that's a word meaning sadness; a word I discovered when I found my dictionary again.

Anyway, back to the newspaper article.

Apparently, half of men in the UK shave their legs. Why? I asked myself but did not answer.

I can understand male athletes, particularly swimmers, shaving their legs and chests to make them more aquadynamic (Yeah ... right!) and thus gaining an extra fraction of a second when competing with other swimmers. But this article mentioned nothing about athletes.

The article referred to ordinary men shaving their legs, chest, back and other body parts to make them more attractive to the females of the species.

Now I tell you, I look a proper Adonis whether or not I have shaved my legs. I was told once I am a sex symbol for women who don't care. I don't need to shave body hair to be alluring.

But not so according to the newspaper article.

Apparently, many men go to special beauty salons, it seems, not only to shave their unwanted body hair but some have resorted to using hot wax, or other means, to make them as smooth as a boiled egg.

And it doesn't stop at legs, arms and chest or back. No ... they even defoliate very private areas too!

Can you imagine lying naked on your back on a couch whilst a woman you've never met before, (for it is often women who perform this task, it seems), pours hot wax on a man's delicate bits? The very thought of it makes one shrivel to minisculity, (if there is such a word - where's my dictionary?) - anyway, you can imagine what I mean.

And then ... minutes later have the wax stripped off in what I can only imagine is extreme agony.

Why do men undergo such pain and humiliation? Are their women folk turned on by their hairless bodies and smooth-looking dangling bits?

What do you think?


  1. All i have to say is "Payback is tough!"
    Laughing, Victor!



God bless you.

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