Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Instant Love

There's a TV program in the UK entitled "First Dates." I understand they have made similar programs in the USA, Australia and Ireland; and no doubt in other countries too.

The idea of the program is that single people who wish to find a partner in life are invited to a restaurant where they meet someone they have never met before and share a meal together; under the watchful eye of the camera, and indeed you eaves-dropping on their conversation at home.

At the end of the meal they are asked if they wish to meet their dinner guest again.

A bit like a dating agency but in full view of the TV. Nothing wrong with that, I suppose!

What I find interesting, however, is that when asked, all contestants say that they would like to meet someone handsome/beautiful, witty, with a sense of adventure and fun, and so on and on. Surprisingly, not one person says they'd like to meet a miserable ugly-looking Quasimodo with psychopathic tendencies.

Seriously though ... ... ... it seems that without exception everyone wants to meet a good looking fun type person as their life partner. Not one person, has ever said that they'd like to meet someone who shares their values, ethics, beliefs, hopes and aspirations in life. They all mention the physical characteristics which they find vital in a life-partner and not the importance of common goals or standards in an ever changing world. If this is the attitude they have in real life, then no wonder it is  difficult finding a mate and they have to resort to attending a TV program such as this one. Unless of course it is lure of celebrity status that is the real motive here.

At the end of the meal, which I guess lasts an hour or so but is obviously edited for TV, the couple, sitting side by side are asked whether they would like to see each other again.

Once more ... not surprisingly, often one or both of the individuals say they would not like to meet again because there was not that "spark" between them. In this impatient world of today, they seem to want an instant connection in the hour or so they have been together, and if this does not happen then they are not interested and move on in their search for instant happiness with a knight in shining armour, or a princess waiting to be awakened with a kiss. 

A friend told me once that when he first met his wife-to-be, he knew within ten minutes that she was the one for him. But she did not feel the same. Somehow, she did not see that instant "spark" in him. But she persevered patiently, and after many turn-downs, she eventually agreed to say "yes".

Let this be a reminder to many of today's potential couples that sometimes you need to strike more than one match before you light a candle. Very rarely is "instant" the road to happiness.

Notwithstanding the above, we have another show on UK TV entitled "Naked Attractions." And it means exactly what it says.

In this program one contestant has to choose a partner from six potential mates standing in a line, full frontal, totally naked. His (or her) decision should be based entirely on the physical attributes of the naked people lined up in front. The six naked people are not allowed to talk and should turn round when asked so that the contestant and TV audience can compare between them. Accompanied by the show presenter, the contestant moves from one naked individual to another and discusses and compares the shape and size of the private parts of the bodies on display; whilst the camera zooms closer to focus for the benefit of the viewer at home.

What makes a person want to stand up naked in front of a TV camera for their friends, family and work colleagues to see them at home; I wonder. Would you do that? 

Weekly programs, lasting one hour, have either six male or six female nude potential dates. The naked candidates are selected by a member of the opposite sex each week hoping to find their ideal sexual partner based on their physical attraction alone.

When the contestant has eliminated five people and chosen one out of six to go to a date with, then the contestant too has to disrobe nude and be discussed by the chosen individual. They then go to a date where no doubt they put their intention into practice.

So there you have it. Instant Love - without the traditional time-wasting getting-to-know-you old fashioned way of dating.

As they say in French - Vive La Difference!


  1. SURELY YOU JEST!!! In psychology, we are taught our attractions are based upon the best potential mate to provide and produce. We want someone to provide our needs and produce the best off spring. I find that very interesting. At this point in my life, IF, I was interested in finding another mate---at the top of the list is a Man of God. Starting with that most important attribute and the rest seems trivial.
    Interesting post, Victor!
    Bless You!

  2. Lulu, I do NOT jest. The program Naked Attractions exists on UK TV - see:

    I bet whoever teaches us psychology has never stood naked in front of a TV camera.

    God bless.

    1. Others must have a much higher self image than I do. When I appear on such a show, my kids will KNOW I have gone over the edge and cart me off to The Funny Farm!

    2. The Funny Farm? Do they have nude people and TV cameras there?

      You know, Lulu. Sometimes I look around and think the whole world has gone mad.

      God bless.



God bless you.