Thursday, 6 July 2017

Catholics at their best!


Why is it in our church we often have more than one collection? The other day we had a second collection for the "Bishop Maintenance Fund". I did not know he was falling apart.

Sometimes we have a "retiring collection". Instead of passing the plate amongst the pews, we have several men standing by the exit doors, plate in hand, to catch you out as you leave. I usually stay in my pew and pray and pray until everyone has left the church and the men with plates have gone to count the collection. 

The other day one of them noticed me and came to my pew and asked me if I wanted to donate. I told him I gave at the office. He did not like my sense of humour. But I bet that Jesus smiled!


  1. It seems we have a second collection about every other Mass at my parish. I'm usually one of the ushers who collects. No one yet has told me they gave at the office. If someone does, I will now know it is you Victor come over for a visit...LOL.

    1. I wish I could come over to visit you, Manny. I would certainly give at your collection. Do you accept English currency?

      God bless you and yours.

    2. Ha, I guess we accept it all. People usually put it in envelopes. I participate in a plan where it's automatically deducted from my credit card. i still have my son throw in a dollar or so as well.

    3. Amazing how things are the same in the UK. Here Catholic churches participate in an envelope scheme. At the beginning of the year we get 52 envelopes with just a number printed on e.g. 172. No one knows who 172 is except the church treasurer. We put a donation in the envelope each week. It could be the same donation, or it couild change. The treasurer opens all the envelopes and records how much I have donated every week - say I am No. 172. He does the same for all envelopes.

      At the end of the year he tells the Inland Revenue (tax man) how much I donated in a year. And the Inland Revenue gives an extra 25% of my donations to the Diocese (the Bishop). So if I donate £100, the Diocese gets and extra £25. The Diocese uses all this money for special churhc projects - e.g. building a larger community hall in our church.

      We can also donate automatically from our bank account a sum each week to go direct to the church. But the church has still to accept credit cards.

      God bless.

  2. The church I attend in Ruston passes the "Paint Bucket" and then has boxes on the walls by the exit. JUST IN CASE you forgot when the bucket came by!

    1. In our church the second collection is for something completely different. The first collection when the plate is passed in the pews is normally for the church expenses. We get an annual report saying how much was collected and how it was spent. The second collection, (about twivce a month), is when they stand by the door with the plate. This money is for different charities like famine relief abroad, or local charities.

      God bless you, Lulu.



God bless you.

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