Friday, 9 August 2019

The Case Of The Mystery Crime - Part 8

As I left Veronique I could not help feel sorry for her.

It must have been terrible losing her husband and her uncle in such a short period of time and in tragic circumstances. And on honeymoon too! What a tragedy. How does one recover from such a traumatic event? One moment she is happy enjoying life with the love of her life and the next she is holding his dead body.

How did she cope in a foreign country with all the paperwork and documentation to bring the body back to England? Was she insured I wonder? It must have cost a fortune and she was all alone in America with no family or friends to help. She was twenty-nine at the time. A mere child having to deal with all that.

It is perhaps morally dubious as to whether she should have kept all that money. But what was she to do? She inherited it fair and square.

She did nothing wrong. The money belonged to her uncle and he passed it on to her. When we inherit money, or when a rich person gives us a cash gift, should we check first that it is honest money?

When someone gives money to the Church, or a charity, does the priest check first that it is honest money, honestly earned? And if it isn't should it be returned? Or spent to feed the orphans or whatever it is the Church or charities do with moneys?

Anyway, was the money in any way dishonest? The company had considered getting the money back from the deceased's estate and then thought better of it. They abandoned their claim. Perhaps they could afford it. Perhaps they did not want to attract publicity. Or perhaps ... maybe ... they were behind the break-ins into the uncle's house and realised that someone might make the connection.

It's all a question of making the connections!

My thoughts then turned to the pharmaceutical company. Is it possible they were behind the break-ins at François Bordeaux's house? She did not name the company, but let us assume it was not a big reputable company but a tiny unscrupulous outfit; then it is possible that in compensation for the money they gave Bordeaux they felt entitled to the scientist's formula.

It is possible that they, or someone in that firm acting on his own behalf, would hire some thug to break in the house in search of the formula.  

This explains why they did not take any small cash and jewellery from the house. They were looking for something more valuable. And they didn't have the sense to make it look like a burglary by taking some money.

They did break-in twice for a thorough search though. So they were obviously determined. I wonder if they found what they wanted? Probably not.

On the other hand, what if they had found the formula or invention? Can you imagine? Who knows ... perhaps out there in the world there is a product or a cure somewhere invented by François Bordeaux.

With a name like that would it not be ironic if it was a cure for hangover? Why is it we wake up with a headache and a dry throat after we have been drinking too much? Where are you François Bordeaux when we need you? If only you could speak from beyond the grave! Or is it beyond the grape? Ha ...

I parked the car at home and decided to take the dog for a walk to clear my head from the many questions overcrowding it.

As I approached Mrs Scrivener's house I noticed a police car outside once again. I tied the dog to the gate post and went in to investigate.

Mrs Scrivener had a break-in. This time her front door was locked but they broke in through a window at the back. Nothing seems to have been taken although the house was ransacked. Drawers had been emptied on the floor, pictures taken off the walls, cupboard's emptied, the bed turned over ... it was obvious someone was searching for something. No money or anything else was taken. Mrs Scrivener, like many elderly people, left her money in an old china tea pot. The tea pot was broken but the money still there on the floor.

Mrs Scrivener was heart-broken and devastated. She was sitting there on the sofa crying her heart out.

Mrs Pontifract from the St Vincent de Paul Society in our church was there consoling her, and so was Edna from next door.

There were two policemen, different ones, trying to take a statement from amongst the tears. Whilst a police photographer and another man were taking fingerprints from around the broken window.

I was surplus to requirements. I had a couple of discreet words with Mrs Pontifract who assured me that Mrs Scrivener will spend the next few nights with Edna. I asked her to keep in touch with me and left.

When I got home my head was still buzzing with a million thoughts all going round with no obvious connections.

I believe life is full of connections and that often one thing leads to another. It is all a question of making the connection ... joining the dots ... putting the right bits of the jigsaw puzzle in the right place ... and eventually we will get the full picture. Tenacity. That's what's wanted. Tenacity and patience. Yes ... tenacity and patience is what is needed here. And determination. Tenacity, patience and determination will solve this case. And the ability of making the right connections, and joining the dots, and doing the jigsaw puzzle thing ...

Wait ... let's start from the beginning. We need the ability to make the connection, joining the dots and so on ... as well as tenacity, patience and determination. Yes, that's it. Anything else? I don't think so. Not for now at least.

I decided to run a bath and lie down in the warm soapy water contemplating. Often, by sitting there doing nothing the thoughts in my mind begin to make sense. Unfortunately thoughts are usually jumbled up words and pictures all inside your head fighting each other for attention. They don't come with punctuations. Or in a set order. Or catalogued in priority or importance. So you can consider each one in turn and act on it or not as the case may be. No ... thoughts all come at once and if you are not careful some may be missed altogether. They fall off the edge of the table without you noticing them. That is if you have a table in your mind on which to put your thoughts and pictures and images. Some people prefer to lay them on the ground. More space there than a table.

Anyway, I sat there in the bath, lying in the warm soapy water for thirty minutes looking at this and that. Not much to look at when you're lying in the bath. Just this and that, and you wonder why the soap bubbles gather in certain areas and not others. Why they cover certain bits and not others. Do they follow the contours of what is in the water ... namely you ... or is it haphazard the way the bubbles spread out on the water? What if I were to re-arrange them? Some over here ... and some here ... and a few over here ... That's better!

Now let's see if we can make any connections between the bubbles ... connections ... the connections ...

I suddenly jumped up and got out of the bathroom shouting, "I got it!!!"

My wife stopped cleaning the ornaments on the mantle piece and looked at me attentively.

"Listen to this," I cried enthusiastically, "I have made the connections. Connections are important. Pay attention at this ... First we know that Mrs Scrivener loses her parrot. Second I put an article in the newspapers. Veronique sees the article and recognises the bird as belonging to her uncle the scientist. So we make the connection between Veronique and her uncle François Bordeaux who discovered a formula for something or other we yet don't know what it is. Are you following me so far? We know the house of Veronique's uncle was ransacked twice; probably someone looking for the formula or his invention. Somehow, I think the same people who did this are still looking for the formula and they connected it to the parrot. I've still to work out that bit. But that's why they stole Polly ... but they are still looking for the formula, I think, because today they broke into Mrs Scrivener's house yet again looking for something. It's plain and obvious and in full view for all to see. Don't you see it?"

"I see it ... I can hardly miss it," said my wife, "I have seen it clearly all the time you've been talking.  I think you should now put some clothes on!"

FOOTNOTE: A colleague of mine at work years ago told me that she rehearses her public speeches and presentations at home by standing naked in front of a full-length mirror. She said it teaches her about poise and body language.


  1. It is starting to come together.

    1. I guess so, JoeH. I'm making it up as I go along. Another episode tomorrow.

      God bless.

  2. Hilarious ending to this segment, Victor! Yes, connections are beginning to come together . . .

    1. My wife never takes me seriously, Martha. I don't know why? Can't someone make a serious point whilst naked?

      God bless.

  3. OK, I'll take a stab. (Figuratively speaking!)
    Methinks the late Francois Bordeaux had a premonition and secreted the formula somewhere on/in Polly.

    1. Poirot would say, "Zat is a possibility, Madame. N'est-ce-pas? But zen ... why would he 'ave a premonition, (pronounced in French), if he 'ad already agreed to sell to ze company and 'ad already been paid? Enfin ... we will see!"

      God bless, Mevely.

  4. I agree with Maverly, Polly has the goods and he can speak. So, he was probably trained to memorize the formula. That's my two cents worth. :)

    1. "Bravo to you and Mevely, Monsieur! I Poirot, take ze hat off for you! My moustache too if you please!"

      God bless, Bill.

  5. So, it is all coming back to Polly. We shall see, won't we Victor?!

    1. Yep ... it seems Polly is a central character in this mystery. But how will it be resolved? Will we find the formula? Who is behind these break-in crimes?

      God bless you, Terri.

  6. Once again, we are left hanging!
    Blessings, Victor!

    1. That's what my wife said, Lulu. Don't know what she meant.

      God bless you,my friend.

  7. Polly is the key to this mystery.

  8. Very interesting Watson...I mean Sherlock...that is Victor!!!
    Polly must know something important but where has he gone!!!

    God's Blessings 💮

    1. If only I knew who had him and why? Let's keep searching.

      God bless you, Jan.



God bless you.