Tuesday, 8 June 2021

My real bad times


A lot of people who laugh and smile at my humourous posts think that I am always cheerful and jovial. Perhaps so ... but is it a facade?

Believe me ... I've had bad times ... real bad times ...

I remember years ago when my wife went to look after an elderly relative all of a sudden and I was left at home alone with four children aged 7 and under.

I had a lot of work to do and a report which needed writing and e-mailed to the office as soon as possible if not earlier. I did not have time to do any shopping and there was very little food in the house. The kids were hungry and I did not know what to feed them. They'd had enough of sandwiches and they wanted something warm inside them.

I put the children in the car and decided to drive to town. We could go shopping or we could go for their favorite take away.

It started raining heavily. The car would not start. Try as I may I could not get the engine to start.

In desperation, I decided to get the children back in the house and phone for pizzas to be delivered.

As soon as I opened the car door the dog ran out of the car and into near by fields. I called him back. He ignored me and ran faster into the rain. I was getting drenched. Soaked all over.

I shut the car door and started walking towards the field calling for my dog to come back. I did not intend to go so far away from the children still in the car.

A few steps away and my shoe got stuck in the heavy mud underfoot. I tried to pull it out and the heel from my shoe came off altogether leaving a gaping hole in my shoe letting in even more water.

That's when I sat there on the muddy ground, took out my guitar, and started singing:

You picked a fine time to leave me loose heel
With four hungry children
And a dog in the field.
I've had some bad times
Lived through some sad times
But this time your hurtin' won't heal.
You picked a fine time to leave me loose heel.


  1. ...but your hard times may be easy compared to others.

  2. But! Whatever became of your dog?

    1. He was barking up the wrong tree!

      God bless, Mevely.

  3. Dearest Victor,
    That song by Kenny Rogers got worked into your story to dramatize your experience.
    My Paternal Grandma would always use her wise words if something in life didn't go right. 'Just think, it could all have been a lot worse!'
    All of us have run into 'rainy' days where it started pouring; the one thing after the other. Hindsight it may make you laugh but while in it, no fun!

  4. Since my gal's middle name is Lucille, that song has been used by me several times. ;-) Sorry for the bad times dude. But you will over come I have no doubt. (Also have a little thought of your next confession...... just sayin')
    Sherry & jack

    1. As Joan Baez said, "We shall overcome". Or was it Peter Paul and Mary, or Bruce Springsteen, or Louis Armstrong? They all had loose heels it seems!

      Keep smiling Sherry and Jack. God bless.

  5. Hi Victor, what we call 'bad times' would be 'good times' to those who have no house or car eh? God bless.

  6. Should have walked barefoot, no worries about your heel then.

  7. Love this clever parody, Victor! Did the pizza ever get there? Did the dog come home?

    1. The dog went to buy some dog food. The pizza was never delivered. We had KFC.

      God bless, Martha.

  8. My father used to always say, this too shall pass.
    Remember the song well.

  9. Yes, you've had bad times, and you know the One to take them to.

    Thanks for the laugh.

  10. this is very funny. I remember days with four small children, the oldest just turned eight the youngest a newborn.

    1. I thought I'd adapt the song to my story.

      God bless, River.

    2. I would have sat in the muddy field and cried. Be blest today.

    3. Yes, I probably did the same ... in song.

      God bless you, Nells.



God bless you.