Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Blog Hop for writers?

Hello everyone. Welcome to my Blog on this special Blog Hop occasion. Thank you. I hope you return here soon.

First of all I'd like to thank Ceil Ryan for selecting me as being worthy to join this Blog Hop event. Ceil has a wonderful Blog which I'm very glad to have come accross some time ago and I like to visit often. Her posts are always full of wisdom and hope, something somewhat lacking in today's world. I must say I have learnt a lot from what Ceil writes. For those of you who have yet to visit Ceil I highly recommend you CLICK HERE.

OK ... let's now get on with the Blog Hop. I must admit that when I discovered I was nominated I fell off my chair and sent the keyboard flying through the air. The cat took fright and climbed right up the curtain tearing quite a bit of it with its sharp claws in the process. I got told off and had to spend the day in the dog house, whilst the dog sat on the sofa watching TV and eating pizza.

What a fun day that was!

I understand that essential to this Blog Hop is to answer some questions about myself. So here goes:


Apart from this Blog post I am now in the process of writing another Christian Fiction book featuring several characters from my first book "VISIONS". I hope that this latest book will be available in time for Christmas. God willing.


I'm not so sure I have a genre as such. I tend to write simply as if I was telling you a story and you were sitting right beside me sipping a nice wine or, in my case, whisky. My writing has been described as "fast-paced"; that is I move the story along quickly to encourage the reader to go on and find out what happens next. I try to combine humor with serious subjects encouraging the reader to re-assess their Faith and, hopefully, get that little bit closer to God.


To be honest, my first book "VISIONS" wrote itself. It tells a story of the apparition of Jesus in a town not yet ready to receive Him. News travelled fast and people reacted in different ways to the apparition; some violently.

After that book, I wrote several short stories (about 250) about Father Ignatius, a character from "VISIONS". Each story is a short self-contained vignette about the life of the priest. These have now been published in several FREE E-books and on Kindle. (See tag at top of this Blog on the left).


Ideas for short stories seem to come from nowhere and sometimes I find myself writing two books at the same time. I just hope that whatever I write is enjoyed by my readers and, most important, brings someone to get to love the Lord.

OK folks ... now I've answered the questions as best I can I have a little surprise for you.

I have just published my latest book (in paperback only) entitled "GOD'S SHEPHERD"

It's a selection of short stories about Father Ignatius and it is available from HERE.

I would like to give away one copy of this book to one of you for having the stamina to read through this post. Please leave a comment below and let me know if you wish to enter the competition. If you wish to comment but not enter the competition, that's OK. I'll reply to all comments and visit your Blog too.

On 30 August, I'll put all names in a hat and draw the winner who will be announced here. Depending on how I feel, and the number of whiskies I've had, I may draw two names from the hat!

So Good Luck, and thanx for visiting me.

God bless.

Vic M

Friday, 15 August 2014

Infallible Pope?

So ... is the Pope infallible or not? Does he really not make any mistakes? When I was young at school and we were taught about the Pope's infallibility in Catechism class, we assumed that it meant he was good at Maths and he knew all the capitals of the world. He was also good at science, languages and everything; and never made mistakes. Because he is infallible.

The Pope's infallibility is a subject sometimes raised by non-Catholics when discussing our Faith and beliefs.

What we have perhaps not made clear is what we mean by the Pope's infallibility.

In effect it means that he is totally dependable and fail-safe when pronouncing Catholic dogma which we are to accept and believe. This is known as speaking "ex cathedra" - that is, when in the exercise of his office as pastor and teacher of all Christians he defines, by virtue of his supreme Apostolic authority, a doctrine of faith or morals to be held by the whole Church.

In all of our Church's history this speaking ex cathedra has only happened twice.

In the Constitution Ineffabilis Deus of 8 December 1854, Pope Pius IX pronounced and defined that the Blessed Virgin Mary "in the first instance of her conception, by a singular privilege and grace granted by God, in view of the merits of Jesus Christ, the Saviour of the human race, was preserved exempt from all stain of original sin."

That is to say, the Virgin Mary was born without original sin.

This is not in the Bible, but a dogma of the Catholic Church.

About 100 years later, by promulgating the Bull Munificentissimus Deus, on 1 November 1950, Pope Pius XII declared infallibly that the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary was a dogma of the Catholic Faith.

That is to say that she was raised to Heaven both body and soul. Her body did not decay in the ground as would happen if buried.

Again, this is not in the Bible, but Catholic dogma.

At no other time did a Pope speak ex cathedra.

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Welcome to hell !!!

Not much is spoken about the devil these days. When’s the last time you heard speaking of him in a sermon on Sunday?

His job description is easy: Keep people away from God.

And by keeping silent about him, is not the Church unwittingly complicit in the devil’s attempts to make us believe he does not really exist?

Our world is full of temptations to lure us away from God and all it takes is a slight diversion of attention, a momentary loss of focus, and we can so easily drift away.

If the devil had the audacity to tempt Jesus we should not be much of a challenge to him. 

When Jesus was tempted, several times, He prayed to His Father as we should too, using His words:

“And lead us not into temptation … but deliver us from evil.”

Monday, 11 August 2014

Hello Sinners!

Hello Sinners ... how are you?

I've often wondered if I held a Sinners Convention how many people would turn up. Not many I suppose and I'd lose a lot of money hiring the venue and having refreshments ready.

The reason I suppose is because most of us don't consider ourselves to be sinners. Not big ones anyway. For the most part, we all believe we're good people deep down and we will eventually go to Heaven, because we're good really! It's all a matter of time.

I mean ... when is the last time you killed someone?

Or robbed a bank?

Or embezzled from your employer or business?

Or coveted your neighbour's wife/husband, or ass? (I must admit I'm very envious of my neighbour's roses. Why does he grow better flowers than me?)

OK ... I know ... some people do cheat on their partners and think nothing of it. It's their right to be happy in life is it not? (Or so they think!)

And that's where the problem lies ... "or so they think".

They believe that a slight flirtation is OK. They think that having a fixation on materialism is harmless really. What's wrong with having a big house, car, plenty of jewellery or whatever? What's wrong with gossiping and telling tales about other people? It's harmless fun. So what if they don't have time to look after elderly parents living alone? They live too far anyway, and life is busy these days with work, looking after the kids and so on. Don't tell me that taking the odd bit of stationery home from work is wrong. Or some other bits and pieces from our employers. It's not stealing is it? Not like robbing a bank. And what's wrong with having a long lunch hour? Or getting to work late or leaving early? Really!

And anyway ... these are all small sins, if sins at all. Not like killing and really stealing which are in the Ten Commandments.

No wonder not many would attend my Sinners Convention ... or so I'm told.

Perhaps some people are sleep-walking their way into hell.

Saturday, 9 August 2014

Buoy ... oh buoy

Imagine you’re a child taken by your parents to the beach, or the swimming pool. You’ve never been near so much water before. But it’s time to try … hesitantly, encouraged by a grown up, you splash water everywhere in a panic, and you hold tight to the buoy they’ve given you for safety.

Clever thing the buoy – a ring filled with air able to hold you up when you’re drowning.

Every rescue boat has some on board and every ship is equipped with several – just in case.

But what about when we’re on terra firma so to speak? When we go about our way throughout our lives.

We often encounter many dangers and difficulties, be they of our own making or they “just happen” as they often do.

Crises like sudden illness, loss of work, relationship breakdowns, financial hardships and so on. You name it, most of us have encountered it.

We panic, we splash about, we try to hold tight to someone for help – a relative, a friend, just anyone before we loose control and drown in the depth of our own personal crisis.

And as we struggle to keep our head above water we forget what we should do instinctively … reach out to God.

A drowning man instinctively reaches out to a buoy for safety. So does a child in a pool.

And so should we – instinctively, in full confidence, we should know in every crisis that He is there, ready to help.

Every hesitant minute which delays our reaching out to Him is a wasted minute drifting us away from His omnipotent presence.

Oh ... and one more thing ...

When Peter got off the boat and walked towards Jesus on the waves he succeeded for a moment or two because he was focussed on Christ. The moment his focus moved away to the waves and the sea he began to sink.

What's the point having a Leader who walks on water if we are not prepared to follow Him?

Thursday, 7 August 2014

Fragile Faith


Some people have great Faith and no matter what may befall them, their Faith does not waver. It is as strong as ever.

Other people however are different. They believe alright, but at the first sign of difficulties they hesitate, and doubts take over, and shake their Faith somewhat.

How does God view these latter people? Does He despair, as Jesus did when His disciples hesitated and could not drive out a demon from a sick child? Matthew 17: 14-21.

Let’s imagine you’re a parent of several children. One of them is academically gifted and does well at his studies; he is also very athletic and excels at many sports. The other child is more pedestrian; a slow learner who is neither academically gifted nor interested in much in particular.

Do you love them equally? Do you pay as much care and attention to both? Do you encourage the gifted one more than the other? Or do you nurture and look after the slower child more to help him gain confidence and improve?

God loves us all equally; yet He knows our abilities and our limitations. He knows that some of us have a fragile Faith that may well falter under pressure. Yet, like Jesus, He may well raise His eyes to Heaven in frustration, but He never stops loving us. He never stops encouraging us to do better, and increase out trust in Him. He allows incidents to happen in our lives to give us an opportunity to trust Him more and more.

It’s the outright rebellious and disobedient He disapproves of – not the hesitant “tryer” who tries his best yet his weak Faith lets him down.

“I believe, Lord; help my unbelief.” Mark 9:24.

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Don't Give Up ...

Here's a song from The Dubliners for all those who need a little encouragement to go on.

Read the lyrics first:

Don't give up till it's over, don't quit if you can
The weight on your shoulder will make you a stronger man

Grasp your nettle tightly, though it will burn
Treat your failures lightly, your luck is bound to turn

Don't give up till it's over, don't quit if you can
The weight on your shoulder will make you a stronger man

Look at the autumn flowers how they wither and fade
With nature's hidden powers, next year they'll be re-made

Don't give up till it's over, don't quit if you can
The weight on your shoulder will make you a stronger man

Watch the full moon rising, like a ghost of the sun
Oh, dawn will be more surprising, when a new day has begun

Don't give up till it's over, don't quit if you can
The weight on your shoulder will make you a stronger man

Don't give up till it's over, don't quit if you can
The weight on your shoulder will make you a stronger man