Friday, 4 March 2011

She was not blonde!

Father Ignatius was very approachable; not only to his parishioners but to everyone. He would often be stopped in public and talked to by perfect strangers; in the street, on the bus or train, in shops or the library or where ever he happened to be. And this happened whether he was wearing his white collar indicating he is a priest, or when he was in civilian clothes … as happened in this case.

Our kind priest had to attend hospital for blood tests. He had never been to this Medical Department before so he decided to take off his white collar and go incognito so as not to attract attention to himself and perhaps gain favor over other patients.

He was generally a jovial character with a keen, albeit singular, sense of humor. He saw the funny side of any situation where others would perhaps be more serious and withdrawn.

Clutching the Medical Card given him by his doctor, Father Ignatius sat in the hospital waiting-room for his name to be called by the nurse in charge.

He picked up a magazine to pass the time. He noted that it was thirteen months old. He looked at the various pictures and then picked up another one. It was almost the same vintage as the previous publication.

He wondered why hospital and doctors’ waiting-rooms always had very old magazines. He had asked a dentist once and the medic told him that it was deliberate to calm down patients especially when they are apprehensive at meeting the medical profession. Apparently, the world is changing so fast, and not for the better, so by placing old magazines in receptions people would remember fondly “the good old times” albeit the journals are only a few months old.

The priest was not convinced of this explanation. He picked up an old newspaper and expected reading the news of a ship named the Titanic sinking!

Moments later a young lady in her late twenties came in the room and sat next to him. She was holding a similar card from her doctor for blood tests. She kept crossing and uncrossing her legs and looking at her watch every few minutes willing it to move faster.

“They’re taking a long time to deal with patients aren’t they?” she asked the priest.

“Perhaps they’re looking for new leeches,” replied Father Ignatius with a smile.

“What … is that how they take blood these days?” said the young lady to the amusement of the other patients sitting in the room.

“No … of course not … It’s more advanced now. You have nothing to worry about.” Father Ignatius replied reassuringly.

“I’m in a hurry you see …” she went on, “I’d heard that medical advancements in recent years have been wonderful. It’s such a pity we still have to wait ages to get the benefits.”

“You can go in before me if you wish” he offered, “If I could, I’d take your Medical Card with me and give blood on your behalf. So you won’t have to wait …” he continued with an obvious smile indicating he was joking of course.

“Oh that’s very kind …” she interrupted, “that would be helpful”.

The other patients in the room looked up incredulously. Father Ignatius was about to say something. She looked at her watch once again and interrupted him.

“The thing is …” she said in a lower voice, “I’m pregnant and a little anemic. I wouldn’t want you to catch what I’ve got.”

“I understand …” Father Ignatius said, “especially since I’m not even married!”


  1. A truly crazy tale to start Friday morning off with. Great stuff!!!

  2. Victor,
    Funny! Are you sure her hair wasn't dyed?

  3. I love Fr. I.'s sense of humor. Thanks for a bit of the lighter side of him today Victor.
    God bless!

  4. This is funny, thank you for the smiles and chuckles today my friend. Have a great week end!

  5. Hi Shadowlands, Mary, Karinann, and Bernie,

    Thanx for writing in to say you liked this story. I don't think her hair was dyed - she was genuinely naive!

    God bless.

  6. Thanks for the smile!

    God Bless you

  7. Humor!! God loves it and so do I! Beautiful punch line...
    Hope you have a lovely Sunday Evening!

  8. Hello Michael and Ann,

    I'm glad you enjoyed the humour. Thank you for your visit and for writing in.

    God bless you.

  9. I love your "singular sense of humor." God bless you, Victor.

  10. Hey Sarah,

    I'm so pleased that I got you to smile.

    God bless you and yours.

  11. Chuckled out loud with this one Victor - love your humor.

  12. Laughter is good for us Andie.

    Thanx for writing in.

    God bless you.

  13. Just seen this Victor - it made me smile more than once: I am naturally blonde but not in the slightest offended! Father Ignatius sounds like a scream. Lovely! God bless x

  14. Hi Gigi,

    I'm so pleased you liked this story and were not offended. It's nice to see you visiting here again.

    God bless.



God bless you.