Wednesday 8 July 2009

Are you following me?

Are you following me?

The beauty of the English language is that you can get different meanings from the same words.

The phrase above can quite literally mean: Are you walking a few steps behind me everywhere I go?

Or it could mean: Do you understand what I am saying? Are you following the meaning of my discussion?

Or in Blog terms it could mean: Do you follow a Blog? Are you pinged every time there’s a new post?

Hey – I’ve just learnt something new. Apparently “pinging” is when the computer tells a reader that someone has added a new post to their Blog.

So the four followers you can see on the right of this Blog get pinged every time I write here. (Sounds painful). So thanks to all four of you for undergoing such pain every time I write!

Thanks also to other readers whether you visit once or regularly.

Back to the essence of today’s Blog.

What would it mean to you if I changed the opening sentence to: Are you following Jesus?

Are you (and I) physically daily in our lives following Jesus in everything that He said and has asked of us? Are we “In step with the Lord” as Wendy McCallum has so aptly named her Blog? (Good Blog by the way – check it out by clicking on the right of this Blog).

Do we follow Jesus in that we understand what He is, what He said, and what He came on earth to do?

Two thousand years after He walked this earth there is still confusion and controversy about Jesus, who He is, and what He meant when He said what He said, and did what He did.

Do we really follow His meaning? Do we understand Him? Do we get pinged every time He speaks now, today, in this very day and age? For, make no mistakes about it, He does speak to us today – but perhaps not many are listening.

So there you have it: What does “Are you following Jesus?” really mean to you (and me)?

Now there’s a thought!


  1. Another good post.

    'Pinging' is not as painful as it sound thankfully or I'd be black and blue the number of times I've been on this site! ;D

  2. Thank you Wendy for your regular visits. I'm grateful.

    For that, and also for the good work you put in in your Blog.

    God bless.



God bless you.