Giggles and Fun

There was a woman in my bed 

The Mommy Returns
Ladies ... Please Fight Fair 
The naughty bits  
One day I was a boy
Men only 
Family Branches

Predicting whether the weather
A Tail of Two Fishes
Space - The Final Front Ear
Octo Facts
The hare the tortoise and me 
Speedy the tortoise
The day Noah got drunk 

A Portrait of the Victor as a Young Man
A Portrait of the Victor as a Young Man 2
A banana stole my bicycle 
Much Ado About Nothing
The Air That I Breathe
Terrible day at work
A night at the opera
What pets see
Visiting the Health Club
Uncle Herbert
Art et Moi
A ghostly experience
Mathematical Matters
Musical Matters
Medical Matters
Interview with my brain
London Nights
NO to Ecumenicals
Much Ado About Pants
Hilda, Kenneth and Robert - Menage a trois?
Endangered Species
At the circus
At the seaside
Interesting facts about nature
Technology and I
The sorry ass
Dog food lands me in hospital
Going to church with Rain Man
My mortal sin
Scientific facts
In a pickle
Sapristi alors!
Waspy situation
GPS Lady
You're feeling sleepy
At the doctor's
A B Duck Ted
Why always me?
Close encounter of the feline kind
Invitation to join a profitable business venture
Le chien
Not Waltzing Matilda
Exclusive new product
The importance of being considerate
Father Gaston
At the vet
Keep it under my hat
Watch out ... you're on camera
A Labra what?
Understanding Paul's Letter to the Corinthians 
St Paul's Lost Litter To The Maddern Wold
At the Gates of Heaven
Blowing in the wind
Chaos Theory Explained
Reminiscing about False Teeth
Enough with all this Blogging
Einstein and Education
Dog Tunes
My subconscious and I
When priests get old

Dance ... dance
Morning Warning
Forest picnic
I confess
I'm really HOT !!!
A Present for you
One casket or two?
Of church mice and church men
Elegy on a carpet
Neighbor Jeremy
Secrets to a Happy Marriage
The fox and moon
An Award for me
In the country
Hello How may I help you?
Dear Diary
Dear Diary (2)
My real bad times

History - How Time was invented
History - The Romans
History - Galileo's Discovery
History - Galileo again
History - The Greeks
History - The Pheonicians
History - Diogenes
History - The beginning of numbers
History - Robin Hood
History - Knights of the Round Table
History - The Tudors
History - The three Musketeers
History - Famous Britons
History - William Shakespeare
History - Lady Godiva
History - Cleopatra and the Romans
History - Helen and Hannibal
History - Charles Darwin 
History - A load of old bones

At Heaven's doorstep
The long trip of coffee
At Peter's Gate

Recorded for posteriority
Suicidal Me
Mademoiselle Veronique Tombal
Memories of Matilda
Undress in haste
The Elephant Story
Bubbles Bubbles
Close encounter of the ghostly kind
Helping Auntie
My insensitive sensitivity
Roman Archeology
The Castle
At the hospital 
Reminiscences of presents past
Warning about vacuum cleaners
Beware of technology
Where's your cat litter tray?

Art critiques
What's this Michelangelo?
What's this Manet?
What's this Leonardo?
What's this again Michelangelo?
What's this Rubens?
What's this Rembrandt?
What's this Rodin?
What's this Titian?
What's this Lucas van Valckenborch?

Time for some honesty
Visiting my ancestor
Richard who? 
Agony Uncle Vic
That's life round the hood
The wedding reception
L'Esprit en France
Warning - Healthy eating is bad for you
Bon Appetit
And then we die
A walk in the park
The Commandment about my neighbour's wife
Silent wives

How old is the earth?
Accents and Slang
An impromptu seance

It's Christmas time
Go away I'm busy
Happy Gnu Year
Is it real or surreal?
Dear God please make it stop
How's your brain wired?
Lost Property
Perils of charitable giving
The joys of getting older
Talking to pets
A whale of a time
Mind reading feat
At the zoo
At the mercy of technology
Eccentric? Moi?
Don't maths with me
To memoir or not to memoir
Pest Control
Sure way to relieve stress
Can women multi-task like pigeons

Meanwhile ... here in the hood (2)
It happened on the bus
The dungeon
On being invisible
Strange Goings On
A Plethora of Advice
A valuable manuscript
Don't cold call me. I'm in the shower.

On reflection - What's the point?
On reflection - Getting it wrong
On reflection - It happened like this
On reflection - I confess

My phone conversation with my priest
Don't climb trees
Love thy neighbour - not likely
Hairy Manhood
Cat Advice Required
A dog's tail
A fishes tale
Robin Redbreast
Small Talk
A Guinea Christmas
Stupid Street Names
Murder by TV
Floating memories in my mind
Reminiscences of Christmases past
Terrible news of gloom and doom
Strange encounter at the restaurant
The dangers of hypnosis in a sophisticated self-assured society
Strangers in the night