Saturday 11 July 2009

A distant God?

This is a story about a little girl about 18 months old. She was born a perfect normal child, but just before her first birthday she contracted a virus infection. This has left her brain damaged, sight and hearing impaired and she cannot eat normally. She has a tube fitted to help her eat.

Her Christian parents have not lost Faith in God. They say they have accepted what has happened and are now moving on. They love her dearly and will do all they can for her. They are an example to us all.

Of course, these parents are not alone in maintaining and even growing in Faith when faced with difficulties. There are many people who have endured terrible illnesses or great problems in life and yet they continue to believe that God is by their side. They do not turn their back on Him, or blame Him for what has happened to them.

When things go wrong in our lives it is natural for us to feel sorry for ourselves. To feel frightened of the future; angry even that this has happened to us.

God knows how we feel and how frightened we are. He forgives our human failings and our panics when we are hurting and concerned for our uncertain future.

He may appear distant to us as our emotions are in turmoil. But as we calm down and learn to trust Him we will, once again, feel His comforting love for us.

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