Sunday 15 October 2017

Are you invited to Jesus' Wedding?

In Matthew Chapter 22:1-14 Jesus tells a parable about a king preparing a wedding feast for his son. He invites many guests who do not turn up, so eventually, he invites all the people his servants can find in the streets until the wedding hall is full of guests.

In this story, the King is God. And His Son getting married is Jesus; marrying His Church here on earth - this means everyone, you and I included.

We are all invited to God's Kingdom, but many don't answer the call.

At the end of this parable there's an intriguing bit. The king enters the hall and sees a man not wearing wedding clothes. He is angry with him and gets him tied up and thrown out into the street.

Now this seems rather harsh treatment for someone not wearing the right clothes. Until we stop and understand Jewish tradition.

Jesus was talking to the Jews who understood very well that there are special clothes to wear at weddings. Almost every family had such special clothes in case they were invited to a wedding; even the poor would either have such clothes or borrow some. No one would dare go to a wedding without special clothes. Even more important, traditionally the host of the wedding also provided special garments for those who did not have any, so they can borrow them for the occasion. So it was more offensive to the king for this guest to wear no garment.

This guest in the parable just did not bother; he showed disrespect to the king and his son; and was thus thrown out.

But how about us? What are our special clothes for our entry into God's Kingdom in Heaven?

Our wedding clothes are our good deeds here on earth. Whatever we do for anyone in need, however small, constitutes our wedding clothes.

It is just not enough to spend a lifetime on our knees praying, or going to church, if our deeds are far from what is expected of us as followers of Christ.

Jesus said, "Not everyone who calls me Lord will enter the Kingdom of God, but only those who do what my Father wants them to do". Matthew 7:21.

In other words ... action not words.


  1. Hi Victor! I remember feeling very badly for the wedding guest who was singled out for not dressing appropriately. And how about that line at the end of the passage? 'Many are called but few are chosen?' I'd like to hear your take on that someday.

    Fortunately, I did read about the tradition of providing the wedding garments, so then I understood. Of course, God wouldn't kick us out if we came with what we had. But if it's given to us?? Then it must be used.
    Sunday blessings to you my friend,

    1. Hello Ceil,

      My view is that "Many are called but few are chosen" should be understood together with other of Jesus' sayings. For example "Not everyone who calls me 'Lord, Lord,' will enter the Kingdom of Heaven, but only those who do what my Father in Heaven wants them to do" Matthew 7:21

      This, in my view, means many are called to God, many may respond by paying lip service only, but few turn their lives into real action and deeds for God. God has given us the wedding garments by way of the many talents we have. Are we using these gifts and talents to good use to help others less fortunate than us?

      God bless you and yours.

    2. Thank you Victor. I think it's wise to see the quote in the full fabric of Christ's words. It always seemed so harsh and mysterious, but I totally understand your view on it.
      I love it when we learn from each other!

    3. I wish there were more two-way (or more) conversations in these comments boxes. Usually people say something nice and leave it at that. Well ... at least I am not the only one reading my Blogs. Am I? Really! Am I? Now I am talking to myself !!!

      God bless you Ceil. Thanx for coming back to comment here.

  2. We are doing a Bible Study on Freedom currently. It ties into this--it is a simple yet complex subject. "Not by works so that no man can boast." But we are given "Birthright Gifts" and what is our responsibility with those? It is a DEEP Subject!

    1. You're so right Lulu. We do not enter Heaven through our good deeds. Be they helping the poor or giving large sums of money to charity. We cannot buy our way into Heaven. It is a FREE gift for all of us paid for by Christ.

      What we have to do is accept and love God and His Son Jesus, and live our lives as He would want us to do. Doing good unto others is using the talents and gifts He has given us to good effect and not just for our own good. And I know you do a lot of good works in your spare time.

      God bless you, Lulu.



God bless you.