Tuesday 25 August 2009

Ready to use.

Make me a channel of your peace … (St Francis of Assisi).

It is not a condition for God to use us as a channel of His peace and love in the lives of others that we should be full of Faith, strong in spirit, and in control of every situation.

Moses was hesitant at first, when approached by God, citing his stammer as an impediment to the task ahead. But look what he achieved.

Paul was a declared enemy of God, in fact he fought God by killing the early Christians. And look what he accomplished.

Peter denied Jesus - three times. Yet see what he did after that in preaching the Word.

To be a channel for God’s use we need to be willing to listen to Him, to obey Him and to trust Him in every respect.

Difficult isn’t it?

Is it?


  1. No it isn't difficult if we come to terms with our human misery and weakness.
    We musn't despair. Never. Just allow ourselves to be enveloped by his love and forgiveness.

    God bless you!

  2. It is only as difficult as we ourselves make it.

  3. Hello Victor, I have just discovered you blog through Gabriella's .... I am discovering lots of amazing blogs thanks to her.

    Now I have all these wonderful posts to read and lots to learn!! Fabulous!

    Best wishes and God bless

  4. Hi Gabriella, Patricia and Cinzia.

    Thank you for visiting my Blog and for commenting. I agree that perhaps we make our own walk with God difficult if we hesitate in our trust in Him.

    Welcome Cinzia. Hope you visit again soon.

    God bless.



God bless you.