Monday 17 August 2009

Inner Style.

Switch on the TV, pick up any magazine, and you’d be surprised how many programs and articles there are devoted to improving our modern life styles.

How to improve one’s home, one’s garden, how to dress better, have a more stylish car, lose weight, be a better cook, etc … etc … The list seems endless on how we can become more sophisticated and more accepted in today’s stylish society.

But I haven’t seen anything said about how we can improve ourselves, our inner being, our very soul.

Nothing said about how we can become kinder to others, more generous, loving, attentive, caring, and so on.

Too difficult I suppose. And not as instant as putting a bit of paint on one’s face or wearing some fancy clothes.

But then, Sunday sermons are supposed to cater for our inner selves, aren’t they?

OK, if you happen to go to church. But don’t put something like that on TV … it won’t attract the viewers my dear … nor sell copy in magazines!


  1. Do Sunday sermons cater for our inner selves? Seems that even sermons are trying to be "pretty". It is sad that we are told--and are believing--that we need more and more stuff to be happy rather than we need to give more of ourselves to be happy.

  2. Another good point Vic... I watched a show last night and it was about home decoration/renovation. A couple spent £75K renovating their home into a luxury place to live. They originally started off being willing to fork out £45K but the host of the show managed to get them to come around 'his way of thinking' and spend more so he could do exactly what 'he' wanted to make it look nice (never mind the fact that the couple were being cajoled into spending their life savings which they'd put aside in the event of one of them losing their job)! Now if one of them loses their job they stand to lose their newly renovated home as well!!!

    Yes - the UK and elsewhere in the world has gone home improvement mad and often at the expense of their very souls because their homes have become their 'god' and they seem to be abandoning all common sense in order to make it look better than the next person's...

  3. Hi Patricia,

    Welcome to my Blog. Hope you visit again soon.

    You make a good point about commercialism. Society has lost its focus; and the church is not always teaching the right message.

    Hi Wendy,

    The programme you describe is typical of what is happening to society. We're told to improve our homes, our gardens, our dress sense, our cooking, our cars and so on ...

    No one is teaching people to improve their souls.



God bless you.