Wednesday 12 August 2009

Moaner Lisa.

I asked a sick old man how he was doing, just as a conversation starter. He replied: I can’t complain ... there are so many others worse than me.

This set me thinking. When we complain about our situation, it may be a big thing, or a small matter ... a little grumble ... you know what I mean ... what are we doing exactly?

We are opening the door one tiny little bit for the devil to sneak in and play havoc with our thoughts. One tiny complaint leads to another ... and soon we become a Moaner Lisa !!!

If our Walk with Christ is to be perfect we should trust Him in everything. So the slightest complaint, grumble or moan is a hint that perhaps we don’t trust Him as much as we should or as much as we claim.


  1. Thanx.

    That old man had reason enough to complain when you think what he's been through. But he smiled and said: I can't complain.

    What is it about old people that makes them so resilient and tough?

    One said to me: At my age I have learnt to accept things easier. And I've learnt to be patient too.



God bless you.