Thursday 22 October 2009

I'm more famous than ...

Have you noticed how these days if you’re “famous” or a “celebrity” your opinion on any subject is suddenly sought after, even though you might not be an expert in that subject, or any subject at all for that matter.

The other day they had a young entertainer on TV. A few months ago a total unknown. But because of success at some TV show or other this “personality” was being interviewed about a topical political issue of the day. The answers given were non-committal, almost nonsensical, and obviously prepared before-hand by some advisor or other.

Of course, we’re all entitled to our views on political and other issues; but are these celebrities' opinions any more relevant than yours or mine? They're interviewed because they are famous and we are not.

It seems these days we are regaled on TV, the news media and magazines with the views of singers, actors, sportsmen and all sort of famous personalities on a variety of subjects totally unrelated to their field of so-called expertise. We are told how they live, who they are currently dating, marrying, divorcing or just going out with. What they wear, whether they are on a diet and how well or not they’re doing. And so on and so forth.

Good entertainment – perhaps. Certainly it sells papers and magazines, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Is there?

But of more importance is that these people, because of who they are, have become opinion formers. Their views count. What they say and their advice is followed by many. They are emulated by their admirers. In short: they are role models.

This set me thinking. Was Jesus a celebrity?

He preached. His views and opinions were certainly novel as well as controversial for the time. He turned water into wine. He walked on water. He healed the sick. He even raised the dead back to life again.

He certainly had a following – as many as five thousand people at one time. He was listened to not just because of what He said and did, but because of who He was – or claimed He was.

His utterings, just like those of today’s celebrities, were aimed at changing lifestyles and life-long habits. But His message was different.

He didn’t advise people on the latest fashions, or how to improve their homes, or prepare a sumptuous meal. He didn’t talk about diets or all the superficial issues discussed by celebrities today.

He talked about God’s love for us, and how we should love Him back and love each other – even our enemies. He taught us to forgive – time and again. He asked us to turn the other cheek. He told us He was the Son of God. He came to forgive sins. He promised us eternal life.

A powerful and controversial message indeed. One which not only could change lifestyles at that time – but also eternally even after death.

His message was relevant then. It is still relevant today. Sadly, too many are tuned in to the wrong celebrities.


  1. How true it is - our focus is so often in the wrong place, on the wrong one.


  2. Excellent post Victor.

    Sadly all these wrong celebrities and their wrong messages reach more so the younger, most volatile and impressionable generations.

    Today's media has a lot to answer for - not caring what rubbish they churn out, as long as it sells and makes money.

    I am always tuned in to your blog, Victor, even if I don't always leave a comment. I like what you write. It's very good!

    God bless you and thanks.

  3. Thanks for reminding us that celebrity culture does not define our true self worth although it tries to by it's advertising of whats 'in' and what s not.The esteem takes a battering if one can't live up to all the material ideals that make us acceptable to society through seeming status. Your post speaks the truth of God's love,he entered the world in a manger,lived in relative poverty and yet offers riches beyond our imagining.Mmm,I feel quite cherished after reading this post.Thank you Victor,sorry for my rather long comment.

  4. Thank you Rachel, Cinzia and Shadowlands for your kind comments. I welcome your visits and comments here; as well as those of other visitors.

    Your encouragement is much appreciated and I'm very thankful for your kindness.

    God bless.



God bless you.