Friday, 22 July 2011


After much thought and deliberation I have come to the conclusion that bicycles are dangerous and should be abolished. I don’t mean motorcycles; but common old pedal cycles.

Let me explain.

In an effort to be environmentally friendly and to save the planet I’ve decided to cycle to work instead of taking the car. “Quite laudable”, I hear you say; and you’d better say it because I’ve risked life and limb to save this planet of ours from pollution and whatever else it suffers from.

Besides, gas (petrol) costs so much these days, so a bit of cycling would save me money, I thought. These days when I fill the tank it costs me more than the value of the car itself.

As I was saying before I interrupted myself … I bought a new bicycle and with it a book entitled “How to ride a bike in one easy lesson!” You should read it I think … all one hundred pages of it!

My first difficulty was reading the book and attempting to cycle at the same time. Can’t be done! Not enough hands to hold the book and handlebars simultaneously.

So I rode the bike, leant on a nearby tree on the sidewalk, and read the book.

Passers-by wondered what I was doing but I fooled them by looking at my watch every now and then and pretending I was waiting for someone.

Eventually, I was ready to go. I put the book in the little pannier at the front of the bike, and eased myself gently away from the tree.

For some unexplained reason my feet froze on the pedals and the cycle did not move. It stood still for a second or two and then fell horizontally to the left.

I hit my head hard on the grass verge, but luckily I was wearing my new helmet which softened the blow somewhat akin to being punched hard by a champion boxer. I waited for a count of ten before getting up again.

I leant against the tree, re-read the first chapter of the book, and started again.

Success! This time I fell horizontally to the right and hit my head hard on the firm tarmac. The helmet was not as effective at softening the blow.

Several falls later, five to the left and four to the right, I decided to change strategy.

This time I pressed hard on the pedals as I moved away from the tree. The bicycle moved forward a few yards but then lost momentum and fell … to the right I think!

My determination egged me forward as I eventually managed to turn the pedals a few more times and move further on … wobbling as I went.

And then disaster struck. My trousers got caught in the chain contraption near the pedals and the bicycle jumped forward like a bucking bronco throwing me head first over the handlebars and landing me hard on my back with the bike on top of me still attached to my trouser leg.

The next day I tried again. I really had to master this new mode of transport over the weekend if I’m to cycle to work on Monday.

As they say, necessity is the mother of invention.

I think I’ve invented, or to be more accurate, discovered, a major improvement to be incorporated in the manufacture of bicycles. They should all be fitted with satellite navigation systems as a standard feature.

This is essential, I believe, to avoid the dangers of cycling at some speed into trees, lamp posts, letter boxes and other street furniture.

As I managed to gain forward movement I noticed that my cycle always managed to go straight for a stationary object rather than avoid it as a car would do.

Somehow, the handle bars would wobble left and right yet still propel the bike towards the obstacle it is meant to avoid.

Anyway … what’s all this leading to, I hear you say.

Basically, it’s that this latest experience reminded me of a story an old priest friend of mine told me years ago.

Once upon a time there was a young boy of six who’d been taught by his parents that Jesus is always with him. Protecting him, helping him, and guiding him throughout life.

One Sunday afternoon they all went out cycling in the park. Mom and dad on their bicycles followed by the six-years old on his small tri-cycle!

They cycled gently until they reached a small hill. Easy enough for the parents to climb; but a little hard on the little boy, despite his parents' encouragement.

He pedaled as hard as he could with his little legs but the tri-cycle would not move forward; in fact it was sliding backwards somewhat.

Eventually the boy got off his cycle and said: “It’s no use Jesus. You’ll have to get off the bike and help me push!”

Now why can’t we have as much Faith?


  1. Victor,
    You're kidding! Right? At least I hope you are because if all this really happened I apologize for laughing so hard :)

    I loved the ending to your post. The faith of children is amazing and I'm sure Jesus DID get off the tricycle and help the little guy out :)

  2. Hi Mary and Daily Grace,

    Glad I made you smile ... or laugh so hard!

    God bless.

  3. Great ending, Victor!

    Are you another of those people who failed to learn to ride a bike as a child? My mother wouldn't let me have a bike because we lived on an enormous hill and she had visions of me flying away out of control, never to be seen again.

    But when I was a young person, Andy took me to Bath and we hired bikes for the day. What a thrill it was flying along. Except I had just as much success balancing as you. Andy watched in horror as I swerved into the path of a bus which moved just in time to avoid squashing me flat. Sad to say that was my last bike adventure. I hope you do better than me!

    Great story. God bless!

  4. I have a suspicion that Vic makes up a lot of the stories about himself--to illustrate his points. He's a crafty one, that Vic Moubarak!

  5. Hello Sue and Debbie,

    Hey ... you gotta laugh haven't you! I find it's the only way sometimes.

    Thanx for calling on me again. Much appreciated.

    Sue, I believe large areas of Bath are now pedestrianised. So no bicycles either I sus pect. Great city isn't it?

    God bless.

  6. Thanks for the bonus - two smiles in one post! I was considering using a bike from time to time to help the planet, but after reading this, I might just let you do it for both of us :)

    God Bless!

  7. Hi Michael,

    Glad I made you smile. Thanx for visiting me again.

    God bless.

  8. Hi Victor! You do have quite a bit of determination, don't you. And the pants in the chain? Been there and done that too.
    Love the little boy at the end. Do you remember the teachers in grade school telling us to move over in our seats to make room for our angels? And we all did! Precious faith.
    Thanks for providing the link to this post. You and Mary have known each other for years! Wow!

    1. Yes Ceil. I remember being told to make room for our Guardian Angels. It was as you say, precious Faith, which has helped me over the years.

      I have known Mary, through Blogging, for about 4 years or so. Bloggers come and go, but she has been a loyal friend over the years. Do you know ... I often pray for my Blogging friends.

      God bless you Ceil.

  9. Well now, Victor, I am an advanced cyclist. This means I wear special shoes which clip onto the pedals and don't turn loose--unless you can remember the magic motion. So where the bike goes--you go. It is most distressing as the bike heads to the ground with you attached and there is NO way to jump off. Keep trying and then buy you some of those clips & shoes---gives new meaning to out of control!
    Blessings, Friend!

    1. Believe me Lulu I have tried to master the bicycle, but somehow I am not successful. My hands hold solidly to the handlebars and don't turn left or right; so I fall.

      I once tried a motorcycle. I sat/stood on it and turned the handlebars thingies. The bike flew from under me and left me standing there. It was quite painful.

      God bless.



God bless you.