Friday 5 August 2011

Close encounter of the ghostly kind

There are times in life when you’re compromised in a situation and you have to do the best you can to get out of it.

This happened many years ago when three friends and I went out on a Friday night. Colin was driving his old Mini and Peter was sitting next to him. Harry and I were at the back.

I thought we were going to a pub somewhere in the countryside and was somewhat concerned when we stopped outside an old cottage somewhere remote.

“What are we doing here?” I asked, and was assured that it’ll be OK and I’ll like it really.

We entered the house and were greeted by a middle-aged lady who ushered us into a waiting room were another five people were waiting. An old man, two middle aged women, a young woman and a man in his thirties or so.

Eventually we were led into a darkened room lit by a couple of candles and asked to sit in a circle round a large table. It was obvious that we were to witness a séance where a medium would attempt to communicate with the other side.

Peter had mentioned the subject a few days earlier and Colin had shown an interest in attending such an event. I had made it perfectly plain at the time that I did not approve of such things which explains why they had not told me where we were going.

So there I was, sitting round a table with Harry on my left and the old gentleman on my right.

The woman who greeted us when we arrived entered the room and sat opposite me. We were asked to remain silent and hold hands.

After a few seconds the so-called spiritualist asked “Is anyone there?” and at that very moment, as bad luck would have it, my stomach started to rumble. I had not eaten for a while and I was somewhat hungry.

“I heard something,” said one of the women “it sounded distant and from a great depth!"

“Yes, I heard it too …” said someone else “it was creepy ...”

My stomach rumbled again in response.

“Please remain silent” said the medium sternly.

And my stomach gurgled yet again defiantly.

The medium then started breathing heavily and deeply.

“What’s the matter with her?” asked the old man sitting on my right; and the young lady sitting on his right whispered gently “She’s in a trance!”

“She’s going to dance?” he asked, “why is that?”

“In a trance …” I whispered emphatically under my breath.

“In France? How can she be in France and sitting right there?” he asked loud enough to be heard by one and all.

“Please be quiet!” reprimanded the medium.

It was then that I noticed Harry on my left sniggering and having great difficulty stifling a laugh.

This didn’t help me one bit as I too tried hard not too laugh. I looked at Harry and noticed in the dark his shoulders shaking uncontrollably in silent laughter. I closed my eyes tightly and tried to think of something serious … something dire and terrible to make me stop laughing.

But no … my vivid imagination got the better of me. I could see in my mind’s eye the medium doing a dance in France. The cancan it was. There she was kicking her legs high in the air as the lively music which usually accompanies that dance whirled round in my head ever so louder.

The harder I tried to suppress my laughter the worst it got, especially as I heard the old man on my right say to his companion “this chap here said the medium is going to France!”

I blurted out a laugh and pretended to sneeze. Harry did the same and “sneezed” too as the old man said “bless you!”

It was then that I felt a presence in the room. It wiped any shred of hilarity within my body as I froze solid.

I kid you not … there definitely was a presence in that room.

Something brushed gently against my left leg and then seconds later against my right leg … ever so gently but forcefully enough to turn my suppressed laughter into total panic.

It certainly stopped my stomach gurgling once and for all. In fact it was the best cure to stomach noises in the whole universe albeit it could have triggered other natural reactions!

I opened my eyes and looked at Harry and the old man on my right. Harry had stopped laughing and the man on my right was silent too. No one had noticed the evil presence in the room. They silently looked ahead at the medium still breathing deeply and heavily in and out.

The presence brushed against my legs once again.

I was petrified with fear.

I looked down and saw a cat walk past my legs and out of the room.

The séance ended soon afterwards with no spirits calling on us that evening. I suspect they were all in the pub enjoying a drink!


  1. Victor,
    I can relate to this experience unfortunately. Many years ago before my return to my faith, I was friends with a young woman with whom I taught in the same school. Her grandfather had been murdered about a year or two before this and the case was never solved. One night we got together, she had been somewhat desperate to find out who killed her grandfather. I knew she dabbled in the occult and I said anything but a ouija board or seance. Even back then I knew there was something sinister about these things. Well out came the ouija board despite my protests. This thing never told her who killed her grandfather, but on the ride home that night I felt an eerie tangible presence with me in the car. I don't know whether it was evil or not but the feeling I got was not good.
    People often think the ouija board is a game. It is not and it opens portals to allow evil in. The same is true for seances. These are things we should never mess with. Unfortunately like the experience you encountered and the on I did, we find ourselves unable to escape. Thankfully God and our guardian angels protect us.
    Thanks and God bless.

  2. Hello Karinann,

    Spirits do exists; evil ones and not so evil ones. And we're not meant to get in contact with them. Some say they are the souls of dead people, others say it's the devil playing tricks. Even in Christ's days people believed in spirits. When He rose from the dead He said to His disciples "It's me. I'm not a ghost." which makes one suspect that ghosts do exist and Christ Himself must have believed in them, otherwise He would not have spoken so to His followers.

    In my case, a ghost is cat shaped!

    God bless.

  3. Victor,
    Sorry, I have to admit I laughed (a lot) while reading this story. It was just so funny despite the serious nature of dabbling in the occult. A good word of advice for you, my friend:
    Coughing works far better than sneezing when one is prone to laughing at inappropriate times - like the time a young man in baggy jeans accidentally "mooned" my family at Mass. I have the "church cough" down pat :) The young ladies behind me had to leave the church because they were not yet well versed in this important social propriety. The problem with the sneeze manuever is that people say "God bless you" which makes one laugh all the more. When you cough instead, folks rarely say anything at all. Sometimes they get you a cup of water though.

    Your "vivid imagination" got the best of me too. This story painted the funniest mental picture in my mind. I'm still giggling over the whole "cancan" thing! I'm serious, Victor, I can't stop laughing!! From defiant gurgling stomach to the dance in France, this story was hysterical!

  4. Hi Mary,

    I'm glad you enjoyed my story. I'll try coughing next time I'm in trouble.

    Keep smiling.

    God bless.

  5. Like Karinann, I can relate. When I was in 3rd or 4th grade, a friend brought out a ouija board when I spent the night at her house. I hadn't specifically been warned against such things, but I felt very uncomfortable with it; maybe it was the Holy Spirit. We did play with it, just the two of us, and asked it questions. When it correctly told me the name of my sister who had died before I was born, both of us became terrified. I told my mom about it and she warned me that the Bible tells us not to try to contact spirits or the dead. She didn't need to tell me that; I never went near a ouija board again.

  6. You're so right Sarah. People think ouija boards are harmless games but they're not.

    God bless.

  7. Hi Victor, great story as usual. Your stories lead to lots of discussion.

    A priest once told us that because we have no bodies after death but are pure spirits, it is impossible for anyone to return and have a conversation: no body, no voice. So anything heard at a seance is definitely a trick of the devil who takes advantage of the love of people for their departed relatives and friends. They want so much to believe but they are deceived. So sad.

    God bless!

  8. Yes Sue. It's so sad when people are deceived like this.

    God bless.



God bless you.