Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Important scientific facts you need to know

Scientists have counted the number of heartbeats a mouse has in a lifetime and found a direct relationship with its size and weight. They then did the same with an elephant and found the relationship/ratio between the number of heartbeats and the size of the elephant to be the same as that of a mouse.

This means that all creatures have a number of given heartbeats in a lifetime commensurate with their weight and size.

A mouse being small and fast-running has a very fast heart beat. He therefore uses his allotted number of heartbeats quickly and dies in a matter of a few months.

The elephant on the other hand has a slower heartbeat per minute and lives much longer.

From this we deduce that humans too have a given number of heartbeats allocated to them at birth; give or take a few heartbeats either way.

And the faster we use our heartbeats the shorter our life would be.

This is a good reason why we should all be fat and sit in front of a TV with a large pizza rather than waste our heartbeats jogging, playing football or other sporting pursuits.

Another interesting fact about animals, or insects, involves crickets. You know, those little creatures who chirp incessantly throughout the night in summer.

Well, apparently the number of chirps they make per minute varies depending on the weather. The hotter it is the more chirps per minute; as many as forty or so chirps a minute in really hot steamy nights. But as the weather gets a little cooler the number of chirps a minute is less.

At a temperature of zero degrees centigrade the insect does not chirp at all because he is frozen solid out in the cold.

In England every year people gather for a worm catching contest. They go out in a field and tap the ground with sticks imitating the sound of rain. This excites the worms which come out of the ground and are quickly caught and put in a bucket. The winner is the person who catches most worms in a given period of time.

Last year no one caught any worms in the contest.

It rained all day and they held the contest in the local church hall and the worms could not dig through the concrete floor.

Women who wear perfume are more likely to be bitten by mosquitoes than those who do not. That’s because mosquitoes are attracted to the gentile scent of perfume.

The same does not apply however for men who wear after-shave. This is because men tend to use too much after-shave lotion and they smell like mature manure thus attracting flies instead.

Men who drink a lot, especially liquor such as whisky, rum, vodka and so on, tend to turn mosquitoes into alcoholics when they suck their blood.

An old friend of mine used to drink at least a half-bottle of whisky or rum a day. He lived to age 92 and when he died he was cremated. It took the fire brigade a week to put the flames out.


  1. There are NO WORDS, Victor!

    Randomness at its finest!

    1. The thing is, Lulu ... it is all true. All true, I tell you. I read it in a book which I am writing!

      God bless.

  2. Glad it made you smile, Melanie.

    God bless you.

  3. Hey sinner vic believes you and as a matter of fact he even made a few factory, "I" mean YA can find a few more of his so called facts here below...


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  4. Thanks for all the giggles you gave me this early morning! BTW, I love your quote above! I had to look up the translation as I don't know a lot of Latin, but it was well worth my time to do so--beautiful!!
    Blessed Advent to you and yours!

    1. Thank you once again for visiting me here Aimee. It's so nice to see you.

      To save others having to translate the Latin, the quote says: Where charity and love exist. There is God also.

      You may like this hymn often sang at Easter: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R448WVra9ww

      God bless.

  5. Hi Victor! I did actually laugh out loud at your last thought here. There must have been a lot of embalming fluid in that guy, so much the funeral director didn't have to add any!

    I hope I don't use up all my heartbeats too fast. I want to be around for my grandchildren :)
    Blessings in Advent,

    1. It's good to laugh Ceil. I wish you a long and happy life with your loved ones.

      God bless.



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