Thursday 11 May 2017

What's the point of it all - really?

Something that has no point is pointless - like a pencil!

Many of us have, or had, different jobs in life. Some people are doctors, some lawyers, carpenters, plumbers and so on. We go to work to earn a living, do our best, and more often than not see tangible results from the work that we do. There's a point to what we do.

The doctor sees the results of his treatment in his patients who may (or may not) recover. Whatever the result, he sees it in time, and can alter the treatment if required.

The same goes for the lawyer preparing for a court case, or a carpenter making a table or some other piece of furniture.

Most people can see the results of their hard-work; even if they have to wait a while, like the farmer planting seeds and hoping for a good harvest.

But how about the priest, vicar, minister or other religious preacher? Do they always see tangible results in their work? Does what they say, and do, really change lives, and keep them changed until the day these souls meet their Maker?

I suspect that when such a priest gets to meet God face to face, he may well be asked: "And how many of the people I put in your direction have made it to Heaven?" I wonder what they would answer then?

How many people do priests really lead to Heaven?

This is a great responsibility for priests and such like religious people. Are they really changing lives by their own example? Or are they just self-bemused shepherds just herding wild cats in all directions? What evidence is there that their works have led one more person towards Heaven?

How about you and me?

Then there are the Christian Bloggers like you and I. Yes ... you.

We write our Christian Blogs week in week out; but do we see any tangible results from what we write? Is anyone really taking any notice of our pearls of wisdom? Or are we writing just to satisfy our own egos, and to say to God, "There you are. I've done my bit writing about Christianity, now let me into Heaven!"

What is the point of writing a Christian Blog?

Few amongst us, if we are truly honest, don't check the statistics to see who has read us; or delight at every comment we get. There's a bit of pride and self-satisfaction in all of us.

As for those comments we get on our Blogs. Are they just pleasant platitudes and pats on the back from like-minded Christians? Or do they actually influence anyone anywhere reading them? Where is the tangible evidence that one individual has been somehow touched by what we write to make him search more and discover, for the first time perhaps, the love of God?

Are we preaching to the already converted?

If all we are doing is writing Christian posts for other Christians who either don't bother to comment or just say something nice to be polite; then what's so clever about that? What good have we done? We might as well stop Blogging and spend our time in prayer instead. At least then we are doing something more productive.

Time for Reflections.

OK ... let's all stop now and take a deep breath. I hope that what I have said above has not discouraged you from continuing with your Christian Blogs. If it has in any way irritated you, or angered you even, then at least this is a reaction which could be turned to the good.

Let's consider your Blog posts, day in day out, or week in week out, depending on how often you post.

Remember the parable of the sower where Jesus teaches that some seeds ended on the footpath, and others on rocky ground, and others among thorns and only a few on good ground?

In this parable the seeds are the Word of God spread amongst many who would not listen.

Let's consider who is the sower? Is it God teaching us? Or Jesus preaching throughout the Holy Land? Or the prophets and Disciples?

The sower is of course all of these. But he is us too. Yes ... you and me. Writing our own Blogs.

We have a duty and a responsibility to evangelise and spread the Word of God to everyone, far and wide. Not just to Christians.

If the Word of God was meant for just Christians we would dig a long furrow and make sure that the seeds are planted one by one carefully in the furrow and none are wasted. But Jesus does not say that. He spread the seeds far and wide and if people do not want to listen that is their problem. Not yours.

And that's where social media and our Blogs come in. They are the open fields where we spread our seeds far and wide in the hope that someone somewhere might listen to the Word of God.

That's why it is important to check our statistics and see which posts got more hits, and what subjects attract attention from readers old and new.

Encourage one another.

That's why it is also important to comment on other peoples' Blogs, especially if we are already Christians and agree with what is being said, (or disagree even). Our comments serve as encouragement for people to keep on posting, and even if we disagree with something they serve as a discussion and a learning opportunity from one another.

The worst thing is to visit a Christian Blog and say nothing.

The early Christians, after Christ's Resurrection, may have disagreed with each other perhaps, but at least they discussed their opinions and encouraged each other to go on with the task of building the Church of Christ.

And so should we when we visit other Christian blogs. We should comment not only on other peoples' blogs but also respond when others comment on our Blogs. And if possible, also visit those who commented on our Blogs and return the courtesy.

Today, we are no different to those early Christians. Social media is the wilderness longing for the Good News; and our Blogs are the fields where we plant the seeds which will grow and bear fruit.

Let your Blog be the one Jesus would want to read.


  1. I had a minister tell me many years ago, "It was such a freedom in learning I was only responsible for putting The Word out there. He takes care of the wooing." There are certainly days, I question, "Why am I doing this?". Though I have tried to give it up a few times, I am always drawn back to writing. So I will continue to write, and leave the rest up to Him.
    Blessings, My Friend!

    1. Thank you, Lulu. It is important that we keep writing because we do not know who is reading us without commenting. I've noticed that each of my posts gets at least 100 hits and about 80% of traffic is from new visitors. Also, the humourous posts tend to attract new visitors who, hopefully, move on to read the Christian posts too.

      I find that I have learnt a lot from your Blog; so keep on posting.

      God bless you.

  2. Dear Victor,
    Thank you so much for the encouragement you offered here today! This especially spoke to me: "our Blogs are the fields where we plant the seeds which will grow and bear fruit. Let your Blog be the one Jesus would want to read." So much of what you said here is what I feel from the Lord as I write, especially on the days when I feel discouraged! He does want us to share what He has given. Blessings to you, as you share from your heart with God's words!

    1. Hi Bettie,

      Thank you for visiting me again and for taking the time to comment. I much appreciate it.

      We have all been given a mission to spread the Word of God as best we can; and our humble blogs are one way we do so. Of course, sometimes we feel too tired or discouraged to write, and we wonder whether it is all worth it. These are the times we should first pray, then visit other Christian blogs for inspiration or for the opportunity to encourage others who might fee the same as us.

      God bless you, my friend.

  3. Great post Victor. I've wondered whether I'm wasting my time with my blog too. I compare blogging to walking in the dark and unable to see and so you extend your hand hoping to catch another hand. Perhaps someone is touched with my blog. I hope so.

    1. What a wonderful imagery of walking in the dark hoping to catch someone else. You're a great writer with exceptional intellect, Manny. I know I have learnt a lot from your blog.

      Yes, it is important to keep on blogging if ours is a Christian blog. Also important to visit each other and encourage each other in the comments box.

      God bless you always.

    2. Oh you're too kind. Thank you.

    3. God bless you and yours, Manny.



God bless you.