Tuesday 24 March 2009

Focus on God

A man goes to the doctor's and said that his body hurts wherever he touches it. "Impossible!" says the doctor. "Show me."

The man took his finger, pushed on his left shoulder and screamed, then he pressed his elbow and screamed even more. He touched his knee and screamed in agony; likewise he pushed on his ankle and cried loudly. Everywhere he touched made him scream.

“Is it serious, doctor?” he asked.

The doctor replied, "Not really, your finger is broken."

Sometimes we get too fixated on the wrong things. Just like the man in the joke.

That’s when we fail to focus on the right priorities in life. We allow our outlook and our earthly vision to be blurred by the many distractions which this world has to offer.

Life becomes a series of goals set, targets to be met and achievements aimed for. And we miss the obvious point:

Set your hearts on the things that are in Heaven, where Christ sits on His throne at the right –hand side of God. Keep your minds fixed on things there, not on things here on earth. Colossians 3:1-2.

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  1. This is something similar to what God has been saying to me today.

    W McCallum



God bless you.