Tuesday 30 November 2010



  1. Victor,
    Very good analogies in your reflection today. Also appreciated the bits of humor. I totally agree, the best Bible is the one that is often used. It is God's love letter to us and one that never ceases to speak in varying ways and degrees.
    Thanks and God bless!

  2. You are funny! I used to have a treadmill but it just ended up being used as a clothes hanger most of the time. I used it when I first got it many years ago but then I slacked off. I had to smile about the dog because my little dog loved walking on it!
    I agree with your thoughts on the Bible. I'm happy to say that mine is used far more often than the treadmill ever was.
    Pedometers are cool. I use mine most days because it helps motivate me. If you enjoy walking outside I recommend getting a pedometer.
    God bless you, Victor!

  3. Hi Karinann and Mary,

    Thank you so much for writing in.

    I tend to read the New Testament mainly because the Old Testament can be heavy going at times ... not all of it; but in some places. And all those battles and wars ... always fighting ... It's like being with one's mother-in-law!

    I like on-line Bibles with good search engines. The one's where you type a few words and they find the Bible Chapter and Verse for you. Haven't found one with a good search engine yet.

    Pedometers are good if you attach them to the dog's collar. And if the dog can use the treadmill, you've got it made. Who needs gym membership anyway with a dog like that?

    God bless.

  4. I've enjoyed your comments above in response as much as your inspiring and amusing speaker here!

  5. Good Morning Victor

    I haven't been around much lately so this morning I am trying to catch up with my blogging friends. I loved this post. It was wise and funny and it is really nice to actually hear your voice! Thanks Victor. I am sure that you make loads of people happy with your posts. God bless you.

  6. Oh Victor, you continue to make me smile. At the beginning I thought that you were going to make me feel guilty for not exercising but instead, you made me joy-filled about reading Scripture. Great reflection. The Bible - God's Love Letters

  7. Victor,

    Great analogy between the Bible and the treadmill, I had never thought of that before.

    I have a treadmill and I actually use it, so does my husband and my dog Daisy...Daisy hears the shifting of the motor when we lower the incline and then she knows it is her turn to use it. I haven't taught her to open the bible yet :)

    Great post!

  8. Gee, Victor, that dog must be in amazing shape ;)

    Snicker! I had to edit my comment because the word verification was reste (okay...so blogger can't spell) and your post was called exercise!

    Sorry, Victor, I've always had a silly sense of humor and this struck me as funny.

  9. Hello Tracy, Breadgirl, Andie, Daily Grace and Mary.

    It's great to see you visiting me again. I really appreciate it. It's nice you're visiting once again Breadgirl ... I missed your visits.

    Thank you all for your kindness to me. I'm so pleased you enjoy my little recordings. I hope they are of some help to you; or indeed anyone who perchance may visit here and not comment.

    I'd urge all Christians to Blog, as often as they can, as their writings may well be the only opportunity for someone to meet Christ.

    Anyway, enough preaching. I'm still not using my treadmill very much. I get tired so quickly. I'm glad I'm not the only one with an athletic dog.

    I like the word verification Mary!

    Thank you all and God bless you always. If you can spare a minute say a little prayer for me. Thanx.



God bless you.