Saturday 7 May 2011


Then He led them out of the city as far as Bethany, where He raised His hands and blessed them. As He was blessing them, He departed from them and was taken up into Heaven. Luke 24:50.

After saying this, He was taken up to Heaven as they watched Him, and a cloud hid Him from their sight. They still had their eyes fixed on the sky as He went away, when two men dressed in white suddenly stood beside them and said, “Galileans, why are you standing there looking up at the sky? This Jesus, who was taken from you into Heaven, will come back in the same way that you saw Him go to Heaven.” Acts 1:9.

A few days after the Resurrection Jesus was raised to Heaven in full sight of His disciples.

Can you imagine how they must have felt?

They’d been with Him for three years or so. Saw Him preach and heal the sick. Witnessed His arrest, death and Resurrection. And now … He was gone.

They must have missed Him very badly as they walked back to their homes. Confusion, fear and doubts must have crossed their minds several times.

He is gone … and He is missed.

Missing somebody is a sign that their presence had an influence on your life, your well-being and your happiness.

Their absence now has created a void in your life. An emptiness, and a longing to be with them once again.

We’ve all missed someone at one time or another in our lives. It is usually someone who has been kind to us.

Are we ever missed when we are no longer there? Have we done something nice to someone who will remember us and miss our presence in their lives?


  1. Yes, it must have been so very hard for them. We love our families so much and it's devastating to lose even one of them so imagine losing Jesus whom they loved dearly! Good thing he sent them a Comforter!

    Thanks for joining Blogging for Jesus, Victor! The link worked from my page already. God bless!

  2. Beautiful Victor! Yes, they must have felt such a void, lonliness and fear. I agree with Mary when she says "Good thing he sent them a Comforter.

    God bless

  3. Thank you Mary and Daily Grace,

    The Disciples missed Jesus and rejoiced when He sent the Holy Spirit.

    We should live our lives in such a way that others would miss us when we're gone.

    Thanx Mary for setting up Blogging for Jesus.

    God bless you Mary and Daily Grace.

  4. Victor,
    Ringsurf linked up to your blog already. If you want to view it just click on the Blogging for Jesus you pasted on your site and when you get to Ringsurf scroll down and click on your site and your blog can be viewed right there on Ringsurf. Plus people can access your site from their personal page too. I tested them both and they both work. God bless!

  5. Thanx Mary.

    At least my computer competence, or lack of it, worked this time.

    Thanx for starting this Group.

    God bless.

  6. Wonderful reflection! Thank you ! Cathy

  7. Hi Cathy and Colleen,

    Saying goodbye can really be painful.

    Thank you for your kind comments.

    God bless you both.

  8. "Missing somebody is a sign that their presence had an influence on your life, your well-being and your happiness."

    Such a great point! Indeed, I wish to live my life in such a way that others will feel that I have had a positive influence in their lives.

    Great post!

  9. Thank you D J Hughes.

    Indeed, we should all try to be a positive influence on others.

    Thank you so much for visiting here and writing in.

    God bless.

  10. During Holy Week, our Church reinact's the death of Christ. I feel is so deeply, even though I know the story... the ending.

    I know how much it hurts to miss someone, but I never gave thought to someone missing me. I can only pray that I live up to the standard that Christ set for us.

    God bless you, Victor.

  11. Hi Joey,

    We can only do our best to live up to Christ's standards.

    Thank you for visiting here again and writing in.

    God bless you.

  12. To tell the truth, I'm a lot more worried that no one will be of the faith when I'm gone to pray for my soul than I am worried that no one will miss me.

    Regarding the apostles, Jesus was generous in leaving His mother behind to console and encourage them. He understands how weak we humans are and how we need to feel connected to those we love even after they're gone. We have it so good today - Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament and Mary, Joseph and all the saints with us even though we can't see them.

    Like Colleen, I'm horrible at good-byes.

  13. Hey don't worry Barb; the Virgin Mary will always pray for you.

    And it won't be "good bye" but a big "Hello" from Jesus.

    God bless.



God bless you.