Friday 18 October 2019

Not swimming with dolphins

Many people like swimming with dolphins. I don't. I like to go cycling with dolphins. If we humans can learn to swim, I don't see why they can't learn to ride a bicycle.

Years ago I wanted to go on holiday and swim with dolphins; but I could not afford it. So instead I went to a foreign seaside resort and swam with sardines. As soon as they saw me they swam away thinking I was too weird to swim with them. The only thing I attracted was a jellyfish which attached itself amorously to the outside of my leg; just below the knee.

I got out of the water screaming in agony. A fat woman sitting on the sand sunbathing said, "You have to pee on it. It takes the sting away! It's the same if you are ever bitten by a shark."

How could I possibly pee on it attached to the outside of my leg? It's not as if I had an extension hose with me. Anyway, I couldn't just do it in public.

Since there was no queue volunteering to pee on me I kept on screaming instead.

A man came to my aid and suggested he buys a bottle of vinegar from the nearby fish and chips shop. He asked me for some money.

As I was only wearing my sports swimming trunks at the time, I of course had no money on me. He asked me for a credit card. I shouted in pain, "and where do you expect me to swipe it?"

He ran to the shop and brought a bottle of vinegar. As soon as he poured some on the creature it let go off my leg and shrivelled to the ground. But the leg was still stinging.

There was another man nearby selling ice cream from the back of a van. Every so often the van would play nursery rhyme tunes on the loudspeaker to attract young customers. The ice cream salesman volunteered to drive me to the hospital about a mile away. He rushed as slowly as he could playing "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" along the way.

At the Emergency Room the Head Nurse, who served years ago with Florence Nightmare during the Crimean War, would not let me in. "You can't come in dressed like that!" she said, pointing at my minute swimming trunks.

It's amazing isn't it, that you can be on the beach with tiniest bikini or swimming trunks and it's OK; but in a different environment it is not acceptable.

"Would you like me to take them off?" I asked, still in severe pain.

She looked me up and down once or twice and said, "No, that would be worse!"

At the reception desk the receptionist asked me for some identification to prove who I was. I told her I did not have any on me. I was on holiday and all my papers and passport were at the hotel. She insisted on some identification she could put on her computer; and she asked me how I would pay if all I had on me was my swimming trunks. I assured her I did not have my name and address tattooed on some private place to prove my identity. She still insisted.

I asked her what would happen if a patient is unconscious. She said that would be different.

So I lay on the floor, closed my eyes, and pretended to be unconscious.

Another young nurse came out of her office, took me to the treatment room and treated my leg.

I then had to take a taxi back to the beach to go to the changing room and get dressed and pay the taxi driver. It cost me a fortune.

I don't like dolphins, or sardines. The only fish I like is the one served with potato chips and tomato ketchup.


  1. A head nurse known by the name of Florence Nightmare, what an aweful name and of course the service rendered was terrible. Too funny Victor, you got me laughing at that. :)

    1. I'm so glad I made you smile, Bill. It's good to laugh.

      God bless, my friend.

  2. Does peanut butter go good with jelly fish? Just wondering.
    This was a terrible and traumatic situation you were in Victor. My advice...keep your pants on and stay out of the water and away from nurses named Florence Nightmare :)

    1. I've never tried peanut butter with jelly fish. I'll carry a jar in my pants from now on.

      God bless you, Jan.

  3. A crazy world we live in. : )

  4. "...but I could not afford it. So instead I went to a foreign seaside resort and swam with sardines."



    1. It was a cheap swimming trip.

      An even cheaper experience is when they put you in a bath and threw tins of sardines in with you.

      God bless you, Sandi. Keep smiling.

  5. Too funny, Victor! Not the part where you were in pain, of course, but everything else was a comedy of errors, for sure. Thanks for the laugh!

    1. I believe that life conspires against me and one thing after another goes wrong for me. "Why me, Lord?" I often pray. And He replies, "Because you're a whiny little baby, that's why!"

      Keep smiling, Martha. God bless you always.

  6. I read this to my pet dolphin, he says "Ek ek ek ek ek ek ek!"

    1. Do you remember the TV series Flipper? You're probably too young to know about it, JoeH.

      God bless you and yours, including your pet dolphin.

  7. This is rich! Sad, some people don't like to color outside the lines.

    1. I hope I made you smile, though.

      God bless, Mevely.

  8. Next time, take the bottle of vinegar with you and save time.



God bless you.