Wednesday, 1 July 2020

Thy will be (not) done

When we pray the Lord's Prayer we recite the words, "Thy will be done". But do we really meant it?

Or do we mean "Thy will be done, as long as it is what I want"?

Let us consider whether it is God's will what is happening in the world today.

The world is in chaos. There's poverty in many countries, as well as wars, and persecutions, false imprisonments, injustice and illnesses and diseases.

Is this really God's will? That we should suffer all this?

There's also more evil at local and at the individual level too. People lying, cheating, stealing, being violent and murdering others.

A number of the examples above, (if not all), are specifically mentioned in the Ten Commandments.

But this does not stop people cheating on their spouses, or stealing from their employers, or committing bigger crimes.

Surely it cannot be said that all this is God's will being done on earth. Surely it is done against His will.

Let's consider what is God's will. Of course, we can only guess or presume, but let us see what we understand His will to be from what we have learnt from the Bible.

He is our Creator. He loves us. And He would wish us to lead a happy life on earth, in peace with each other, caring for each other, obeying His commandments, in preparation for the day when we return to meet Him again in Heaven.

I think that pretty much sums it up. His wish is that we love Him back in return and to spend eternity with Him.

But then, there are many who will not return to Him in Heaven. They don't even believe in Him, and, by their behaviour, would gladly, with impertinence perhaps, spend eternity away from Him.

Is that really God's will?

The answer is surely "No". It is not God's will that many of His creations turn their back on Him, mock Him and despise Him. It is not His will either that terrible things happen all around the world and so many people suffer.

He allows it to happen because He is not a controlling magician or superman at our beck and call ready to fix everything and anything that goes wrong in our lives.

He allows things to happen because in a lot of cases we have asked Him to keep out of our lives.

He allows them to happen because we want to enjoy and use the freedom and liberty which He has gifted us. He didn't make us robots. So we want to rebel, and do it our way. Why should He now stop us?

He also allows things to happen to give us the opportunity to be charitable, caring and loving towards those less fortunate than ourselves.

So, if at first glance, we assume that God's will is not being done; it is partly true.

His will is that of a loving Father who wants the best for His children.

Our will is that of the rebellious child who thinks he knows best and will do it his way after all.

It is man's will, and Evil's will, that has resulted in the chaos the world is in today.

Evil is a powerful force in our world, seemingly present everywhere, and is so difficult to eradicate.

God permits it within clearly defined limitations and parameters.

As Jesus prevails against it, we ask for his help never to give up in our struggle against the evil around us.


  1. I never really understood God's 'allowing' His children until I began following your blog. Yes, the choice is ours -- and the enemy is real. May He heal our hearts and our land!

    PS - Wanting more Auntie Gertrude, I happily downloaded your book last evening.

    1. Yes Mevely, the choice is ours. Like any good parent, you would not force your children to do your will. You teach them, you nurture them, you love them; but the time comes when you have to set them free to choose their own path and their own way. You hope they'll turn out good, but in the end it is their choice - not yours.

      At some stage, God leaves us to make our own decisions. He "allows" us to go and do wrong if this is what we want.

      Thank you for buying Aunt Gertrude. I hope you like the book.

      God bless you always my friend.

  2. "Thy will be done". Easy to say, very difficult to implement.

  3. If more of us would submit to God's will, there would be less evil in the world. As Christians, our job is to spread the Good News in love to this hurting and broken world in which we find ourselves.
    Blessings, Victor!

    1. Yes, Martha. Our job is to spread the Good News; even if they're not listening.

      God bless you always.

  4. People will always make bad choices and some people will learn from them, others will not. God can only guide us and help us make the right decisions. We really should be listening. I wish the folks that don't believe in wearing masks would wear them to help protect other people. People are so selfish, they can't even do that. Humans are failing, will we ever learn the lessons we need to learn?

    1. You're right, Bill. People seem happy not to listen and to make the wrong decisions. It's an inherent human failing.

      God bless you.

  5. Beautifully written. Not my will...
    It is clear that God's will isn't in this mess we are experiencing now. We can only beseech God that this will come to an end soon.

    1. Sadly Susan, there are many instances where we humans have opposed God's will with our behaviour. As C S Lewis said, at judgement day, God will take to Paradise those who have loved and obeyed Him; to the others He will say, "OK ... your will be done!" and send them to hell.

      God bless, Susan.

  6. Yes the world is in chaos … and it is worrying to say the least!

    I just do my best each day to make my small part of the world a good, kind and peaceful place.

    All the best Jan

  7. It starts with one, in our own family, then peace grows hopefully world-wide.

    God bless you and yours, Jan.



God bless you.