Wednesday 13 May 2009

Annoying People.

How often in life do you meet annoying people? Some more annoying than others.

There are people who are always miserable and finding faults with everything in sight. Then there are others who think they know everything and are expert on every subject you can name – and they’ll let you know it too! They believe their opinions are always right and should be agreed with by one and all.

In every walk of life, we meet people, customers, clients, colleagues, relatives or neighbours who perhaps don’t fit in with our image of happy interesting characters we’d like to know and be associated with.

In brief, they are annoying – and we tolerate them because … it’s nice to do so I suppose.

OK. Let’s now stop and think.

Behind every annoying boring person there is a story. There is something there in their life, their up-bringing, their background which has made them what they are – or what they are perceived to be.

Maybe they are annoying to us because we have not bothered to delve deeper into who they really are. Their shyness, miserable outlook on life, boring demeanour, or desire to show-off their knowledge may stem from a need to be heard and appreciated. And we should try our best to understand them.

Let’s now look in the mirror.

How are you perceived by those who know you? Are you annoying yet tolerated with a kind smile? Just as you treat those you find annoying?

More important – is there anything about you which God finds annoying?


  1. Some annoying people are really difficult to work with, and causes problems at work for others. I wonder beside complaining about it, should I go forth and have a chat with him.. i guess i need your advice. I am having trouble controlling my tongue, trying not to gossip behind.

  2. Hi Anna,

    Welcome to my Blog.

    In answer to your question: it depends really how annoying the person at work is. If the person is constantly harassing you with unwelcome remarks or attention then this is wrong and you should seek advice from a supervisor at work and ask that this behaviour should stop.

    If on the other hand the annoyance is caused by the person's general behaviour, (towards you and others), as I described in my Blog, then we should, as best as we can, try to be kind to these people and (privately) pray for them.

    You suggest that the annoying person at work is causing problems for others. Is that just towards you or does the person cause problems for other people too? How do they deal with it?

    Whatever you do, don't answer back and get into an argument. Hold your tongue and pray for that person. And if need be seek help/advice from a supervisor or a boss.

    God bless.



God bless you.