Saturday, 16 May 2009

Are you a thief?

Years ago a priest said to me “If you sit at your desk at work doing nothing, you’re a thief. You’re stealing time from your employer, since he pays you to work. Technically, it’s a sin”.

The place where I worked had a no smoking policy. However, every so often, smokers used to go in the street for a quick cigarette. From the moment they left their desk to the time they returned was about twenty minutes minimum. So if they had three cigarettes a day, they stole an hour every day from the boss.

The point I’m trying to make here is that our modern lifestyles have made us lax where morality is concerned. We always have a good reason to justify our actions albeit it may be morally wrong.

We may consider ourselves as decent, upright, model citizens. But when we stand under the microscope, with God looking from the other end, what does He see?

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  1. I agree Vic. Stolen work time is very common in the workplace and it is WRONG. W McCallum



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