Saturday, 23 May 2009

Joe's Legacy.

Jacob had twelve children and he loved Joseph the most. We’ve all probably heard of Joseph and his many coloured coat. It’s a wonderful story you can read in Genesis Chapter 37.

Joseph’s brothers were so jealous of him that one day they sold him to some traders on the way to Egypt. They soaked his coat in blood and told Jacob that a wild animal had killed him.

In Egypt Joseph was sold as a slave, and even landed in prison on false charges.

Now Joseph had a special gift. He could interpret dreams. One day the King of Egypt had a dream and he called for Joseph to interpret it.

Joseph predicted seven good years with great harvests followed by seven years of drought. He suggested the King appoints a man to store enough food during the good years and to apportion it amongst the population during the drought.

The King was so impressed with Joseph that he appointed him to this task. Suddenly, from slave Joseph became one of the most important persons in Egypt and beyond.

Years later, during the drought, his brothers came to Egypt to buy corn. Joseph recognized them, (even though they didn’t recognize him), and eventually, he forgave them and was re-united with his father.

So, what is Joseph’s legacy to us?

It is this. Sometimes in life we go through some very rough times indeed. Our whole world collapses around us and everything seems to go wrong. No matter what we do. No matter how much we pray. Things don’t seem to get any better.

We feel that God has abandoned us. Or that perhaps He doesn’t exist at all.

But He does exist. And He does care.

What He is doing when we’re living through difficult times is to lead us somewhere else.

He wants us to move on to new environments, new situations, new places, or even meet new people.

Through our difficulties we get to meet people we’ve never met before. And through our actions, perhaps without even realizing it, we influence those we meet. They may see in us an example to follow. We may do or say something that makes them stop and think. And perhaps change their ways for the better.

Through our difficult times we may even change ourselves – for the better.

Consider what Joseph went through. Hated by his brothers. Sold into slavery. Falsely imprisoned.

But he had to go through all that. Otherwise he would not have been in Egypt to interpret the King’s dream and save millions from starvation years afterwards.

His suffering led to the good of many in Egypt and beyond throughout the drought years.

Whatever you may be suffering right now may well lead to the good of others, and probably to your own good, in years to come.

God has brought you here to where you are. It may be bad right now. But trust Him.

He will lead you through it. To better times for you and others.

You should be happy to be of service to Him.


  1. Fantastic post. Very encouraging.

  2. Believe me when I say this. I was awakened with an overwhelming thought that I had to write in my Blog about Joseph and his trials; and what they meant to me.

    I have plenty of posts ready to be cut and pasted on this Blog. But instead, it just had to be a new post about Joseph.

    And it had to be on this Blog. Not on the other Christian Forum I frequent; nor on my website - it had to be this Blog.

    When I started typing the words just flowed as if the whole post was imprinted on my mind.

    I hope it helped someone.

    Vic M

  3. There is very definitely an annointing on this message.



God bless you.